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Equal Justice Under Law? Not if You’re Conservative

How far does the Left want to go to cancel opposing viewpoints? Far enough to deprive citizens of their constitutional right to legal representation, apparently. Recently, a $500,000 negative ad campaign has been launched against law firms that are representing President Trump in his claims of voting irregularities and possible fraud in the various swing states. Dr. […]

Radical ’Heroes Act’ Is a Leftist Wish-List

By FRC’s Ruth Moreno On November 12, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) held a joint press conference calling for the passage of the Heroes Act. The Senate, House, and White House have been dealing with this far-left bill for months, but Schumer claims that the results from the 2020 election prove […]

PODCAST: Against All Frauds, Trump Fights on

They say waiting is the hardest part. But they were wrong. Waiting is much worse when the messaging is controlled by a radical media with no interest in a fair outcome. For 48 hours, Americans have been glued to their televisions anxiously hoping for accurate updates on this nail-biter of a presidential race. What they’ve […]

Hope Suppressed by Facebook

Most Americans — Democrats and Republicans — know that social media engages in political censorship. And you would have to be naïve not to see that conservative viewpoints are the chief victims — as documented daily at https://censortrack.org/ (although some still try to deny it). Some of the complaints involve subtle discrimination — what shows up in someone’s news […]

Kamala Practices Socialism Distancing

 More than a million people have watched Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) try to laugh her way through one of the most serious questions of this election. Would she bring her “socialist or progressive perspective” to the White House? In the “60 Minutes” interview that’s making plenty of voters queasy, Harris’s face freezes in stunned […]

VIDEO: Biden Fizzles while Pennsylvania Burns

Philadelphia is burning, 14 more officers were injured, and what is Joe Biden talking about? Transgender bathrooms. With absolute tone-deafness, the former vice president spent Wednesday afternoon talking to Pennsylvania reporters about his extreme LGBT priorities instead of the chaos breaking out on city streets. His “day one” agenda — which would end religious freedom as we know […]

PODCAST: In Philly, Coordinated Terrorism Becomes Reality

The people of Philadelphia woke up Thursday morning to more ransacked businesses, broken glass, and reports of more arrests. After three nights of unrest, police tried to lock down the city with a 9 p.m. curfew, but even that didn’t stop a series of ATM explosions and more looting. As many as 200 storefronts have […]

PODCAST: COVID-19 — The Fearmongering Must End

By FRC’s Ruth Moreno Yesterday on Washington Watch, Tony Perkins sat down with Andrew Bostom, associate professor of family medicine at Brown University, to discuss the media’s politicization of the coronavirus. It is no secret the media wants to use the pandemic as a club to wield against President Trump and the Republican Party going into […]

Trump Tests Positive for Fearlessness

He meant it as an insult, but when Chris Rock mentioned the president’s condition on “Saturday Night Live” and said, “my heart goes out to COVID,” the White House probably chuckled in agreement. If there’s one person the virus probably regrets infecting, it’s a fighter like Donald Trump. From the minute he announced his diagnosis to […]

VIDEO: 15th annual Values Voter Summit

WASHINGTON, D.C./PRNewswire/ — Family Research Council Action’s fifteenth annual Values Voter Summit will continue broadcasting on Friday evening at 8:00 p.m. ET. WATCH: President Donald Trump’s full speech in 2019. This year values voters will join the all-virtual event from their own homes and churches. Other speakers confirmed for Friday evening include White House Chief of […]

The Battle Against Big Brother: Churches Refuse to Yield

By FRC’s David Closson The magnitude of recent headlines pertaining to the new vacancy on the United States Supreme Court and the subsequent political maneuvering has understandably overshadowed the news cycle. However, another significant story that Americans (and especially conservative Christians) should care about is how various state and local governments continue to violate the […]