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Studies Show Professional Fact-Checking Is Subjective

Ask 10 professional fact-checkers to rate something as true or false, and get one, unanimous answer. That’s what we assume will happen based on our understanding of the word “fact” and our understanding of the responsibilities of a person who “checks” them. That assumption is incorrect, according to a recently published study that found a “low level […]

If Hamas Isn’t Defeated, ‘It’s Open Season on Israel,’ Experts Say

On Monday, 24 Israeli soldiers were killed in the Gaza strip while attempting to establish a buffer zone for residents of the communities on the Israeli border so they could return home. It was during this process that a blast was triggered and two buildings collapsed. The fatal explosion made victims of two dozen soldiers, […]

Ohio Becomes 23rd State to Protect Minors from the Transgender Industry

The bellwether state of Ohio has become the 23rd state to protect children from transgender injections and surgeries, and the 24th to safeguard fairness and privacy in women’s sports, as lawmakers voted overwhelmingly to override the Republican governor’s veto. Yet Democratic opponents claimed Martin Luther King Jr. and Jesus Christ would have supported transgender surgeries for kids, […]

Feminism Is the Mother of Transgenderism

All evidence over the past two centuries leads to the conclusion that feminism has been a tragic misstep and an ugly wound in the history of Western civilizational thought. One of the most destructive consequences of feminism has been the still-unfolding and exponentially-worsening transgenderism crisis. This horrific ideology — now plaguing numerous Western nations and […]

GOP Leader Urges Party: ‘Stop Using the A-word and Start Talking about Life’

The closer we get to November, the more high-profile Republicans are admitting it: Silence isn’t selling on abortion. From RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel to the head of the House’s GOP fundraising arm, the cry to get off the sidelines on life is echoing off the walls of campaign headquarters. Lt. Governor Mark Robinson (R-N.C.) is the latest to […]

WHO Chief: Nations Must ‘Counteract Conservative Opposition’ to Abortion, Promote Transgenderism

A global government body has told nations it is “imperative” that they “counteract conservative opposition” and “enact progressive laws” that legalize prostitution and intentionally infect people with AIDS. At the same time, the international body has indicated it plans to roll out guidelines normalizing transgender cross-sex hormone injections worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) ushered […]

The Bible Calls Us to Pursue Both Holiness and Love, Not One or the Other

The concept of “religion vs. relationship” is something we bring up in evangelism all the time. It’s meant to emphasize that one can be religious without ever developing a real relationship with God, which is very important to share with an unbeliever. However, I believe it’s just as important to remind the believer of this […]

China Bioengineers Deadlier Coronavirus

Researchers associated with the Chinese military have bioengineered a COVID-related coronavirus (GX_P2V) that “can cause 100% mortality” in lab mice modified with human DNA, according to a “preprint” — a not-yet-reviewed paper — posted online on January 4. The development “is sure to remind many of the Wuhan lab incident,” Family Research Council President Tony Perkins warned on “Washington […]

As Taiwan Reaffirms Independence, Biden’s Weakness Emboldens China, Experts Say

On Saturday, current vice president and independence advocate Lai Ching-te (also known as William Lai) was elected the next president of Taiwan, winning over 40% of the popular vote. The election drew a series of strong rebukes from China, as experts noted that Lai’s victory signaled the continued resolve of the Taiwanese people to maintain their independence […]

Double Standard of Justice Could ‘Crumble the Entire System’: Former FBI Agent

If the election is a choice between democracy and chaos (as Joe Biden insists), then the president isn’t making a very compelling case. The man who claims his biggest competition is “sowing lawlessness and disorder” didn’t have to look very far to find it at his own gates. And yet, unlike 1,100 Americans caught up […]

‘The Lost Boys’: Documentary Looks at Impact of Transgenderism on Young Men

A new documentary is exposing the horrors that the transgender movement wreaks upon men, as well as the social and medical-industrial conditions that have led to those horrors. The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network released “The Lost Boys: Searching for Manhood” this week, featuring interviews with numerous men in both the U.S. and the U.K. who […]

‘Break It Down’: No Consequences for Pro-Terrorism Protestors Assaulting White House

Ten weeks ago, I wrote of a November 4 protest at the White House in which a pro-Hamas mob “cursed the U.S. president, waved the flag of a foreign adversary, and endeavored to breach the White House compound.” No one was held accountable for that vile display of hate and anti-Semitism, even from the president ostensibly committed to the […]

PODCAST: Nancy Pearcey on The Toxic War On Masculinity

There is a war on men that is affecting their development, behaviors, and priorities. They are being taught that their inherent nature does not fit within a biblical ethic. Nancy Pearcey, professor, and author of “The Toxic War on Masculinity: How Christianity Reconciles the Sexes”, joins host Joseph Backholm to discuss the cultural shift in […]

GOP Experts Warn Candidates to Stop Treating Abortion ‘Like a Hot Stove’ They Won’t Touch

Nobody likes a wimp — and on the issue of abortion, the Republican Party has plenty of them. After the Dobbs ruling put the issue back in legislators’ hands, a shocking number of GOP candidates spent the 2022 and 2023 elections cowering in the collective corner, hoping voters would take their silence as confirmation that […]

Airlines Prioritize Wokeness Over Safety: But at What Cost?

My dad is a certified physician assistant. As such, he often shares spontaneous medical advice with me (although part of that is just because he’s my dad and cares about my wellbeing.) For instance, some advice he’s given me that he would give to anyone is if you or someone you know needs surgery or […]