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Tainted Gov: Flynn Case Exposes FBI

As far as liberal set-ups go, it certainly followed the formula: a phone call, the Russians, a high-ranking government official’s son, lying prosecutors, even some of the same politically-motivated FBI agents. But the case against General Michael Flynn had another familiar storyline in the Left’s war against Donald Trump — a lack of evidence. Based […]

PODCAST: Govs Get Their Priorities out in the Re-open

They got in line at Peach Tree Battle Barbershop at 7 a.m. For a lot of them, it was the first haircut they’d had in a month and a half. “I certainly don’t want to spread it to anyone,” customer Matt Maddox said, “so I’ve got a mask. But I’m not concerned.” Others, like Atlanta restaurant […]

PODCAST: Mark Green — Bring Our Companies Home

The last thing we should do with sky-high unemployment is sending more jobs to China. Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn.) has a plan to bring U.S. companies home — and make the communist party pay for it. Listen in on our conversation from Wednesday’s “Washington Watch” to hear how. RELATED ARTICLES: Virus Brings Unlikely Faith Fellows […]

PODCAST: Visit Ground Zero of Virus Response with DHS’s Chad Wolf

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf has his hands full with the coronavirus, but there’s one group of people he’s not about to go into disaster relief mode without: clergy. Find out why he made them “essential personnel” as well as the challenges he’s encountered with a full-blown, 50-state emergency. RELATED ARTICLES: ‘Sunday Is Coming’ VP Mike […]

VIDEO: Socially Distancing from Everyone but God

If God is trying to get people’s attention, a new Pew poll says He’s succeeding. Turns out, the coronavirus hasn’t just impacted people’s lives, it’s led to a growing outbreak of faith. Almost everyone agrees that the pandemic is significantly changing how they act. They don’t feel comfortable in crowds, they avoid parties, and they’re […]

PODCAST: ‘You Cry at the Window Knowing There’s Nothing You Can Do’

Staying home can be tough, but it’s nothing like the nightmare our health care workers are experiencing. For thousands of brave men and women across country, their office is no longer a hospital or ER — it’s a combat zone. “You spend hours in your [patient’s] room,” nurse Claudia Griffith wrote in an emotional post to the […]

Churches on the Front Lines of Responding to Coronavirus [+Podcast]

A Time of Testing at the Church: “Hunger doesn’t take a break at times like this.” And neither does Second Harvest Heartland. For food bank workers like Allison O’Toole, coronavirus is only part of the country’s crisis. The other? Feeding struggling families and older people who don’t want to leave their homes. But as the need […]

PODCAST: Trump Quarantines Abortion Money in Virus Bill

While lots of Americans are hunkered down at home, the U.S. Senate is holed up in its offices — waiting for a crack at the House’s coronavirus bill. And while there’s a lot of uncertainty about what’s actually in the package, Republican leaders won’t have to contend with at least one thing: abortion funding. The […]

PODCAST: LGBT Activists Promote ‘Trans Reading Day’ in Public Schools

It started as just one rogue Wisconsin school, showing their LGBT pride. Now, five years later, it’s a national public-school movement — and most parents have no idea it’s happening. Do you want your child to be psychologically manipulated at school on Thursday? Most moms and dads would say no. But this week, February 27, […]