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More than 1,000 Florida Felons Voted in the 2012 General Election

According to the Florida Division of Elections’ own records a minimum of 1,000 felons cast a vote in our 2012 General Election. If the Division wasn’t aware of this, they should have been. Because it was discovered via a simple public records request for voters removed from Florida’s voter roll, their date of removal, and […]

Why Are a Few Florida Supervisors of Elections Breaking the Law?

It’s now been 7 months since 29 of Florida’s 67 Supervisors of Elections were notified of their portion of 3,000+ voter registrations potentially illegally listing a UPS store as a legal residence. To their credit 13 of those Supervisors have cleared 100% of their registrations. But, there are 9 other Supervisors who have provided insufficient excuse for failing […]

Florida: 3,000 Voter Registrations List a UPS Store as a Residence

Voter Fraud? If they’re not catching the easy stuff, what else are they “missing”? Are some of Florida’s Supervisors of Elections skirting the law? Supervisors are tasked with maintaining an accurate voter roll. One of the requirements on the Supervisors is to ensure that voters provide a legal residence address. Yet a December 2013 analysis […]