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New York Times reporters who released Officer Darren Wilson’s address have their addresses made public

Two New York Times reporters posted Police Officer Darren Wilson’s home address while marauding mobs looted and burned innocent folks homes and business in Ferguson, Missouri. These mobs of criminals want to find Officer Wilson. They fired guns into the air causing the FAA to re-route air traffic around Lambert-St. Louis International Airport and burned cars. […]

Amnesty: President Obama, the Cabinet and the U.S. Congress

Our nations cabinet is composed of the President and most senior appointed officers of the Executive Branch of the Federal government of the United States. The existence of the Cabinet dates back to President George Washington, who appointed a cabinet of only four persons: Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson; Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton; Secretary […]

Google, Facebook and the NSA establish ‘listening posts’ on my computer — you may be next!

I just entered my computer and used the CMD prompt to see if anyone had hacked my trusty desk top. Surprise, well not really, I found six established listening posts on my trusty liberal bashing Collectivist crushing operations center in my bunker in Navarre. Now don’t get me wrong its okay to spy, like on […]

Florida RINO News Update: Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush for President? Really?

Mitt Romney, the man, the legend, the star spangled unicorn who indirectly created Obamacare now leads a field of potential 2016 GOP candidates in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Saul Alinsky cheerleader, holds a dominant lead among Democrats. The GOP Sheeple are flocking to the man who […]

Jeb Bush is coming to Sarasota, FL: Why?

To the Republican Party of Sarasota County, I understand that former Florida Governor Jeb Bush will be speaking as your “special guest” at an Election Rally at Dolphin Aviation at 9:00 a.m. on November 3rd, 2014. Question: Why are you having as a “special guest” the man who presented Hillary Clinton with the Liberty Medal? […]

Election 2014: How to Stop a Socialist State

As election day Tuesday, November 4th, 2014 approaches it is important for voters to understand how politicians create a socialist state. According to Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” there are eight levels of control that must be achieved before a socialist state is created. According to Alinsky, the first is the most important. Healthcare – […]

Time to fire John Boehner!

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California) joined forces early Wednesday evening as the House passed a continuing resolution that will fund the government after the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30th, and that will permit funding for Planned Parenthood (the nation’s largest abortion provider), the entirety of Obamacare, and an […]

Okaloosa County, FL Tourist Development Council: A Progressive Slush fund

Does your county or parish or borough have a TDC or Tourist Development Council? The Okaloosa County Tourist Development Council (TDC) collects money in the form of a bed tax which is nothing more than another “progressive slush fund.” A redistribution hub for wealth taken from folks who stay at hotels. Its yet another tax burden […]

BREAKING NEWS: Bill Clinton headed to Florida — Hide your daughters and cigars

The Florida Democrat Party is getting ready for a big shindig with cigars at their big Inaugural Leadership Blue Weekend Gala. This monster fest redistribution of trans fatty acids and calories event will be held with key note speaker William Jefferson Clinton this coming Saturday June 28th, 2014 at the Westin Diplomat Hotel. Breaking news on the dinner The Democrats […]