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An Open letter to the Democrat Party of Florida

Dear Democrat Party of Florida, First let me congratulate Christian Ulvert. I understand he just married his long time boy friend Carlos Andrade. Christian is the Florida Democratic Party’s new political director. He married his partner Carlos in Washington, D.C. last week in a ceremony that they couldn’t have in their home state. It was […]

Here We Go Again: The GOP’s All Talk No Action Campaign

Another ground hog just climbed out of his cave and made the following statement. I refer to the statement made by Representative Lou Barletta (R-PA) which was ignored by the press in the United States but reported on by the British Daily Mail: ‘He’s just absolutely ignoring the Constitution’: Republican Representative says there’s ‘probably’ enough […]

An Open Letter to Hassan Shibly, Director, Council of American Islamic Relations – Florida

TO:  Hassan Shibly Director Council of American Islamic Relations – Florida (CAIR-FL) 8056 N. 56th Street Tampa, FL 33617 Phone: (813) 514-1414 RE: Florida Resident and Suicide Bomber Moner Mohammed Abu Salha Dear Mr. Shibly, Moner Mohammed Abu Salha, a Muslim (Mohammedan) man, who lived in Fort Pierce and Vero Beach, Florida has just been […]

Open letter to President Obama: On Using U.S. Military Forces Against We The People

Dear President Obama, I understand you considered using U.S. military force against militia forces at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada. Well golly we are shaking in our boots. You understand this would have been in direct violation of the the 1878 “Posse Comitatus Act” and an act of war against “We the people”. The Posse […]

Florida’s Communist Congressman Joe Garcia, Jr.: The Latest Threat to the Republic

Born again Communist José Antonio “Joe” García, Jr. the U.S Representative for Florida’s 26th Congressional District made a statement that “Communism is working.” I called Rep. García’s office at 202-225-2778 and told the Congressman to pack his bags, clean out his cubicle and resign from office. I will pay his one way ticket to North Korea. […]

Florida: Sheriff Jim Manfre from Flagler County wants to ban your rifle!

Sheriff Jim Manfre from Flagler County in Florida wants to ban your rifle and leave you defenseless against the tyranny flowing from Washington D.C. He calls these rifles “assault weapons.” My AK-47 sits happily in the closet and it has never assaulted anyone. Only people assault other people. Whether its with guns, knives, hammers or […]

Time to abolish Florida Property Taxes

The time has come to address the matter of abolishing property taxes in Florida and returning our homes, land and infrastructure back into the hands of its owners not the landlord in the Tax Collector and County Property Appraisers. This will reduce your house payment, it will give you back the freedom of property ownership […]

Why won’t Rep. Jeff Miller (R FL-1) Co-Sponsor HR 36 establishing a Select Committee on Benghazi?

 U.S. Reps. Jeff Miller (center) and Blake Farenthold (right) visit Rear Adm. Bill Sizemore (left), Chief of Naval Air Training (CNATRA), at CNATRA Headquarters. Today I spoke to the senior leadership at Special Operations Speaks (SOS). They asked me why Rep. Jeff Miller (R FL District 1) has NOT co-sponsored HR 36 introduced by Rep. Wolf, Frank R. (R-VA-10) on […]

Florida 2014 Midterm Elections: Time for a change in District 1

Congressman Jeff Miller (R) from District 1 in Florida no longer represents me or our fine military that sometimes come home in body bags or missing arms and legs. When Congressman Miller voted “Yes” to freeze all COLA raises on our military pensions this placed some of our brave disabled military in future financial jeopardy. […]

Damnatio Memoriae: Erasing the name Obama from American History

Damnatio memoriae is the Latin phrase literally meaning “condemnation of memory” in the sense of a public judgment that a person must not be remembered. It was a form of dishonor that could be passed by the Roman Senate upon traitors or others who brought discredit to the Roman State. The intent was to erase someone from history, a task somewhat easier in ancient […]