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Overdue Recognition: Investigating Shariah Courts in the UK

British MPs and Peers may now have abandoned Parliament to campaign in our impending elections, but in doing so, they left one rather gaping hole in terms of public policy on counter-extremism. The Parliamentary session was supposed to have broken with a new counter-extremism strategy having been published. It was to be put in place […]

Unreformed HAMAS is Rearming for Further Escalation and Poses a Serious Danger to Stability

Despite sustaining significant damage to its infrastructure and capacity for violence during the previous conflict, Hamas in Gaza is once again resurgent – replenishing its weapons stockpiles and resuming construction of its offensive terror tunnel system. Without counter-measures, it appears highly likely that Hamas will soon have the means to fight a fourth war, warns […]

Netanyahu: The Real Story

Washington was the centre of the world’s focus this week as Prime Minister Netanyahu played a high brinksmanship game with the American government. His trip was centred on an effort to persuade the Americans to reject any bad deal with the Iranians over their nuclear capability. But in the days before the Israeli Prime Minister’s […]

No Bark, No Bite

To anybody who missed it, President Obama convened another talking-shop in Washington this week.  Events in Iraq, Syria, Libya, France, Denmark and elsewhere have not after all escaped the President’s notice.  And so he decided to put together a conference to discuss ‘Countering Violent Extremism’. This term itself is, it should be embarrassingly admitted from […]

An Iranian Standoff

The problem with punishing bad behaviour on the international stage is that the punishment needs to be unanimous and be kept water-tight. It is a demonstration of how poorly things are going with Iran that not even the United States can currently keep its message together. The Iran team negotiating with the P5+1 have reportedly […]