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Mr. Kerry’s Blame Game

In the annals of the entirely predictable, the current state of the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations must stand very high. Who could not have predicted this? That the talks would fail and that Israel would get the blame. Earlier this week, testifying in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Secretary of State John Kerry finally […]

New Map Details Alarming Islamist and Terrorist Threat Across the Middle East and North Africa

Today, The Henry Jackson Society launched Terrorism and Islamism in the MENA Region, a one-of-a-kind map detailing the various levels of Islamism and terrorist activities across the Middle East and North Africa region. Three years after the ‘Arab Spring’ broke out, the increasing presence of Islamist parties and explosive number of terrorist activities has led to analarming […]

Ukraine: Will Any Principle Do?

This week’s news in Britain has been dominated not by the clash of nations or the continuing stand-off on the borders of Ukraine.  Rather, it has been dominated instead by the death of two leading figures of the British left.  The death at the start of the week of Union leader Bob Crow and at […]

Ukraine Crisis: West is Fiddling as Kiev Burns by Andrew Foxall

First published in The International Business Times Those who argue that Western silence on the deteriorating situation in Ukraine has only strengthened Russia’s hand overlook the fact that this narrative has been in place for a number of years. Despite the West’s claims to uphold democratic and liberal values, from Belarus to Syria, it has been […]