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VIDEO: Why We Insist on Getting it Wrong About the Muslim World

We refuse to see Muslims as they see themselves. Much hope has been placed in an eventual normalization of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia. On July 15th, President Biden travelled to Saudi Arabia in an attempt to help cement relations between the two countries and to find another source to lower the cost of gas for Americans […]

The Israeli Journalist Who Visited Mecca Should Be Worried

Muslims are usually determined to avenge humiliation, and they know how to be patient. Most non-Muslims have difficulty understanding why they are not allowed to enter Mecca. Israeli journalist Gil Tamari certainly appears to have lacked understanding when he secretly entered the city after covering U.S. President Joe Biden’s recent visit to Saudi Arabia, causing […]

How an Israeli journalist may have torpedoed Israel-Saudi relations

The Saudis authorized a group of Israeli reporters to come to Saudi Arabia to cover President Joe Biden’s visit last week. This was clearly another sign of the warming relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel. It is in this context that we must understand how shameful it was for one of those Israeli journalists—Gil Tamari—to […]

VIDEO: One Israel Fund Interview on Countering Terror, Encountering Jihad

Listen to One Israel Fund’s interview with Eve Harow featuring Harold Rhode and Marc Provisar on the effect of the Israel-UAE Abraham Agreement.  ©Harold Rhode. All rights reserved. RELATED ARTICLES: Iran Responds To Bahrain And UAE Normalization With Israel: Israel’s Destruction Is Near, The Gulf State Regimes Are In Danger Al-Aqsa Mosque Lesson By […]