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Misunderstanding Iran

Periodically, the United States or Israel makes a concession to an adversary, planning—or hoping—for reciprocity. The underlying assumption is that, as the stronger party, they can afford to be generous and even, on occasion, to miscalculate. This is a fundamental misreading, not of the strength of the American or Israeli position, but of how the […]

Muslims Understand Compassion Differently Than We Do

The idea that compassion is between man and man, not just God and man, barely exists. The origins of Islam are twofold. It was a revealed religion, but grew out of pre-Islamic Arabian tribal—that is, Bedouin—culture. When Bedouin cultural values conflicted with Islam, Bedouin culture almost always won out. Over time, Islam and Bedouin culture […]

The U.S. State Department is Playing to an Empty House

The idea of a two-state solution being pushed by the U.S. State Department does not attract the Palestinian Arabs. They are not interested in the benefits Arabs have in Israel as opposed to in the surrounding states. So why did the Palestinian Arabs sign the Oslo Accords? Signatures on documents do not mean much in […]

The Palestinian Arabs are ‘open’—but not to compromise

The key to discussing the Middle East is understanding the cultures and languages. In Hebrew, you have the root “P-T-Ch,” corresponding to “F-T-Ch” in Arabic. The root has the general meaning of “open.” But in Arabic, there is an additional meaning: opening up a land to Islam. So the leader in battle is called “fatih” […]

To move forward, Islam must suffer a catastrophic defeat

All of the so-called wars since the early 20th century with regional Muslims are battles in Islam’s unending war against the Jews. Unless Islam undergoes a theological revolution, the Islamic views of the Jews will not change. The only way this revolution could happen is when the Muslim world undergoes a devastating defeat by Israel. […]

Understanding the Middle East Requires Knowing the Difference Between “Shalom” and “Salam”

Exclusive Interview With Dr. Harold Rhode: Understanding The Middle East Requires Knowing The Difference Between Shalom And Salam I had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Harold Rhode. Dr. Harold Rhode has a Ph.D. in Islamic history and lived for years in the Muslim world. He served as an advisor on the Islamic world to […]

The Saudi-Jordanian Marriage

In the Middle East, marriage is a way to strengthen alliances and bury the hatchet. On June 1, 2023, Jordanian Crown Prince Hussein—son of King Abdullah bin Hussein—married Rajwa al-Seif, a Saudi royal whose maternal grandmother is a first cousin of Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud. The king and al-Seif are part of […]

VIDEO: Why We Insist on Getting it Wrong About the Muslim World

We refuse to see Muslims as they see themselves. Much hope has been placed in an eventual normalization of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia. On July 15th, President Biden travelled to Saudi Arabia in an attempt to help cement relations between the two countries and to find another source to lower the cost of gas for Americans […]

The Israeli Journalist Who Visited Mecca Should Be Worried

Muslims are usually determined to avenge humiliation, and they know how to be patient. Most non-Muslims have difficulty understanding why they are not allowed to enter Mecca. Israeli journalist Gil Tamari certainly appears to have lacked understanding when he secretly entered the city after covering U.S. President Joe Biden’s recent visit to Saudi Arabia, causing […]

How an Israeli journalist may have torpedoed Israel-Saudi relations

The Saudis authorized a group of Israeli reporters to come to Saudi Arabia to cover President Joe Biden’s visit last week. This was clearly another sign of the warming relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel. It is in this context that we must understand how shameful it was for one of those Israeli journalists—Gil Tamari—to […]

VIDEO: One Israel Fund Interview on Countering Terror, Encountering Jihad

Listen to One Israel Fund’s interview with Eve Harow featuring Harold Rhode and Marc Provisar on the effect of the Israel-UAE Abraham Agreement.  ©Harold Rhode. All rights reserved. RELATED ARTICLES: Iran Responds To Bahrain And UAE Normalization With Israel: Israel’s Destruction Is Near, The Gulf State Regimes Are In Danger Al-Aqsa Mosque Lesson By […]