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The Hostage Holocaust

Hearing what few facts have emerged about the state of the hostages after more than 100 days of the most evil torture, which is beyond our imaginations, who cannot grieve? What will we say on Holocaust Remembrance Day? While the world thinks it appropriate to criminally charge Israel for committing genocide in its defense against […]

SHYLOCK AT THE HAGUE: Embracing Shylock and Disdaining the International Criminal Court

“As for legal niceties, the team of august lawyers Israel summoned to the Hague gives a shot in the arm to the ICJ, signaling that Israel concedes the case can be won on legalities. Israel was naïve to rely only on jurists to defeat anti-Semites. One expert on anti-Israel propaganda could be worth a bench […]

The Son of a Holocaust Survivor Weaponizes Books to Stop Another Shoah

T. Belman. I first connected with Howard when he started Mantua Books. Since then I have promoted his books and he has generously donated money in support of Israpundit. I too was born in Canada but in my case to two immigrants from Poland who came to Canada in the twenties. You will recall that the […]

Roy Rogers, Roi Rotberg and Me

One played the part of a brave cowboy and one really was a brave cowboy. Which one does today’s Israel resemble? I grew up in a “traditional” North American Jewish home – kosher at home, most holidays observed, driving to the synagogue, and with the television on during Shabbat. I remember that around my tenth […]

Munich 1972 and 2016 – The Shameful Conduct by Germany During the Munich Olympics 49 Years Ago Up to More Recent Times

Finally, after 49 years, the Olympics has a moment of silence to honour the Israeli athletes murdered by Palestinian terrorists at the Munich Olympics 1972. Here is the essay I wrote for Frontpage Magazine five years ago about Germany’s sad response to the murder of Jews in Munich, and how its moral failure has only […]