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VIDEO EXPOSE: The Secret History of Kinsey’s Pedophiles

EDITORS NOTE: There is a global movement to mainstream pedophilia. This effort has the goal of re-branding pedophiles as “minor attracted persons.” Pedophiles are attempting to join the LGBTQ movement. The following videos are a Yorkshire Television production for Channel 4, produced and directed by Tim Tate, aired August 10, 1998. The show features interviews […]

Penn State Scandal: When Child Sex Abuse is ‘Harmless’

On Monday, March 20, 2017, Graham Spanier, past president of Penn State University, is scheduled to go to trial on charges of criminal child endangerment and conspiracy related to former football coach Jerry Sandusky’s rapes of little boys. At issue is whether Spanier, who was president of Penn State at the time, failed to investigate […]

Trangenderism — The Hatred of Women Writ Large

In a BarbWire guest contributors column titled TRANSGENDERISM — MISOGYNY WRIT LARGE Judith Gelernter Reitman and Mary E. McAlister, Esq. wrote: In a recent letter to the WSJ Editor (at this date unpublished) David A. Kallman, Sr. Counsel for the Great Lakes Justice Center in Lansing, Michigan, wrote: In the controversy over bathrooms/LGBT “rights,” it is curious […]

VIDEO: They’re mainstreaming pedophilia!

Alfred Kinsey’s ongoing sexual anarchy campaign has no end in sight. Matt Barber, associate dean of the Liberty University School of Law, and I attended the “B4U-ACT” pedophile conference Aug. 17. To eliminate the “stigma” against pedophiles, this growing sexual anarchist lobby wants the American Psychiatric Association (APA) to redefine pedophilia as a normal sexual […]

Sex Starts in the Womb? Child Porn and Abuse

How have we reached the point that “an estimated 50,000 Americans, at any given time, are trading child sex abuse images/videos,” of infants and children being raped and tortured, i.e., child pornography? Let’s look. Angered by the film “I Pedophile,” an incest survivor blogged recently: “Children are NOT sexual from birth” to which a reader responded by […]

‘The Sexual Revolution’ Gave Us ‘the Rape Culture’

By Judith Gelernter Reisman and Mary E. McAllister CNN’s The Hunting Ground has won critical acclaim from filmmakers, winning the Stanley Kramer award from the Producers Guild of America while garnering criticism from Ivy League elites who worry that their reputations are being sullied by the depiction of a “rape culture” on their campuses (Harvard […]

The new Sex Ed: Contributing to the Deliquency of a Minor

“We’ve come a long way, baby!” Education matters little if children learn in the classroom to engage in multiple partner, “normal” as well as more “deviant” forms of sex. A massive number will be and are permanently damaged, drinking, drugging, depressed and suicidal. So moving deviance right along, June 26, 2003 in Lawrence v. Texas […]

The Global Trade in Child Rape by Lori Handrahan

Last Thursday The Guardian reported on a United Nations publication, released in September, that described four U.N. staff fired for trading in images and/or videos of child sex abuse on their work computers. Journalists from Agence France-Presse to Al Arabiya followed this story and referenced that U.N. work computers were involved. The trade in child rape, aka child pornography, in the workplace is an […]

Planned Parenthood Sex Education and the ‘Dental Dams’ Lie

We apologize for this information, but as we allow our children to be assaulted this way in school we cannot expect to be too sensitive ourselves. We have “sanitized” the article. – Judith Gelernter Reisman and Thomas R. Hampson “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves,” Matthew 10:16 The Kinsey Cult […]

In 1996 Playboy warned of ‘Sexual Attitude Restructuring’ in America

Even Playboy said May 1996, that; “most of us would define as sexual harassment” (p. 42) what goes on at meetings of the “Society for the Scientific Study Of Sexuality.”  President of the SSSS, Naomi McCormic warned the sexpert attendees they should not really do certain things publicly. (There also used to be a warning […]

The Pink Swastika: Hijacking the Holocaust

The greatest sacrilege to the millions of innocent infant and aged Nazi victims, would be allow these dead to be exploited as political fodder to re-arm the same ideologues who ushered in Germany’s “final solution.” Are The Victimizers Co-Opting the Holocaust? Under the banner of The Pink Triangle (a Nazi symbol for incarcerated homosexuals), a […]