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America’s Enemies on Parade

As the 45th President and Vice President of the United States were sworn into office, America’s enemies within took to the streets and it was pure evil and ignorance on parade. From DisrputJ20 to the so-called “women’s rights” advocates, the enemies within could not wait to demonstrate just how messed up many in American society are […]

Ending the Politics of Division

They call it diversity, but what they really celebrate is racial divisions. The war tactic of divide and conquer is as old as war itself. It continues to be a primary tool of all who hate freedom, liberty, real diversity and equality, simply because it works… It is one of the most powerful political tools […]

Who is Checking the Fact Checkers?

Ever since private emails from the Clinton campaign and Democratic Party exposed massive crime and corruption inside those organizations during the 2016 election, so-called “fake news” has become a hot topic with propaganda networks and social media outlets promising to police and censor what they deem to be “fake news” in the future. To accomplish […]

A Presidency based entirely on Fraud

As the Electoral College prepares to elect President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence on December 19th, Hollywood Marxists are working through a leftist Soros-funded network of political PACs to threaten EC Delegates, encouraging them to “vote their conscience” (translation – vote against Trump). According to these anti-American Marxists, Trump is “unfit” for […]

Do ‘Birthers’ Still Have an Issue?

For the past eight years, millions of Americans have been trying to restore national reverence for the founding principles and values set as the cornerstone of freedom and liberty in the Charters of Freedom. If successful, they would have also disqualified Barack Hussein Obama from the Oval Office, a natural consequence of constitutional accountability that […]

California Disqualified from 2016 Elections?

The most sacred right of every legal American citizen is the right to vote – the right to not have their vote infringed or abridged by any Federal, State or Local action. The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights are the Supreme Law of this land. The rights of the people protected by these documents, […]

Wallace’s Rigged Question about a Rigged Election

It was déjà vu all over again when Fox News debate moderator Chris Wallace asked Trump the question that has dominated the news media ever since, drawing new attacks on Trump from political establishment stooges everywhere. Back in the spring, during the primaries, Trump was asked if he would sign a pledge to support whomever […]

Black Lives Matter to Who?

As has been the case in American politics of divide and conquer for far too long, race relations are once again center stage in the 2016 Democratic Party campaign for power, this time under the Black Lives Matter banner. Once again, a political election is being framed around manufactured social divisions created by politicians – […]