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Message to GOP: Cruz — Never Again!

The Cruz campaign working in concert with D.C. Republican Party insiders, has been trying to hijack the 2016 GOP nomination… not from Trump, but from the millions of Americans who have voted for Trump. It isn’t Trump who is disenfranchised by the Cruz delegate wrangling, but rather more than ten million voters who cast a […]

GOP Establishment Loves Losers

The great divide of the GOP electorate started all the way back in 1992, when Republican Pat Buchanan and political outsider Ross Perot decided to challenge incumbent George H.W. Bush for the presidency. Bush managed to hang on to the GOP nomination, but Perot was able to take 19% of the vote as an Independent […]

One World Order vs. Natural Born Citizen

As amateur armchair political strategists in the Tea Party debate which GOP candidate would be best for America, who is the most “constitutional” and who would lead our nation away from the One World Order globalization movement to eliminate United States sovereignty and security — many completely ignore the only three words in our Founding […]

Michigan’s GOP 7th District Tells Rep. Walberg to Impeach [+Video]

Republican House Representative from Michigan’s 7th District Tim Walberg was once a leading “birther” not so long ago, when he was seeking a seat in the U.S. House in the 2010 election. The video below of Representative Walberg at a local town hall meeting during his bid for the U.S. House in 2010, in which Mr. Walberg […]

GOP on Suicide Watch

Almost a year ago now, in early 2015, before anyone was officially in the GOP race for the White House, there was an organic frontrunner chosen by a half-million Drudge readers, the most conservative database in America today. That natural frontrunner was Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who enjoyed a 47% position in the national Drudge […]

DNC Vice-Chair Confirms Obama Aiding and Abetting the Islamic State

Millions of Americans tried to stop the election of Barack Hussein Obama in 2008, correctly exposing the fact that this is an individual that has no verifiable past and a laundry list of highly concerning associations with well-known anti-American bedfellows. But the system was already broken to a point in which such an individual could […]

American Voters Now The Greatest Threat To America?

Through illegal immigration and so-called refugee resettlement programs, both importing a new breed of American “citizen” and a new crop of voters, the U.S. elections are now heavily influenced by foreign anti-American interests. The voter demographics of our country are being intentionally and purposefully altered. But that may not be the greatest threat to American […]