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Final Farewell from Veritence, Inc.

Dear Friends, Effective today, October 7, 2017,  I have decided to end my aggressive, demanding, ten year long effort to warn my fellow citizens to prepare for a coming cold climate and associated historic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. This decision is based on the extent of my disability from a stroke I had a little […]

Major Earthquakes Predicted Months in Advance

The International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center (IEVPC) announces today that it has once again, successfully predicted catastrophic earthquakes months in advance. Based on its unique methodology and a set of precursors for earthquake prediction, the IEVPC posted quake warnings months ago for New Zealand and the Kamchatka peninsula, off Siberia. In each case, the […]

A Repeat of Natural Catastrophes May Be President Trump’s Biggest Challenge

This is an invitation for you to go to several web sites for important new information regarding the serious threat that now exists for historic and deadly earthquakes here in the United States. The first of these quakes may strike during the administration of President Donald Trump. Hundreds of billions of dollars in property damage […]

More than the EPA

Conservatives and rule of law advocates are rightfully rejoicing at President-elect Trump’s pick of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the EPA. Members of the environmental community on the other hand, are crying in their lattés as they lament the end of their power over the people via one of most abusive unconstitutional reigns […]

Peak Global Warming: Two Predictions

Many of my generation remember where they were when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, or when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Most Americans remember where they were September 11, 2001 when Islamic terrorists killed more than 3,000 Americans. Another memorable event is now occurring right before our eyes. Though it won’t garner the […]

Climate Confusion

Many Americans are again confused over how the President and the United Nations can say we are at grave risk from man-made global warming (a.k.a climate change) when we continue to get pummeled by brutal, record shattering, winter storms. If this situation has you confused, take heart. You are not alone. Once again the natural […]

The Heartland Institute Exhibits “Bad Judgment”

For some years now I have publicly praised the work of the Heartland Institute for leading the attack against the fraud of the anthropogenic global warming movement. Based on criticism the Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC) received from Heartland the day after our June 8, 2015 press release, it would seem my praise has […]

What Does a Warm 2014 Say about Climate Change?

The answer to this important question depends on which of the three camps in the global warming (a.k.a. climate change) debate one belongs. The first camp is comprised of those like Al Gore, the Obama administration, the United Nations, major environmental organizations, and lastly, the main stream media that has helped this camp communicate its […]

Released: Global Climate Status Report, Edition 3-2014

The forty-four page Global Climate Status Report (GCSR), Edition 3-2014 is now available. It may be downloaded from the GCSR page of the Orlando, Florida based Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC). The following is the Global Climate Status Report,  Edition 3-2014 summary climate assessment: After a thorough review of the selected climate status parameters up through […]

Teaching Our Children How to Deceive

There is a grand belief that the education system in the United States, from elementary school to college, is the best that can be and that our children are learning the truth from objective and well informed educators. While many educators are indeed ‘the best’ and worthy of praise (though few get it), the reality […]