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Historian Ties Democrats to Marxist Plan to Collapse U.S. from Inside

The Patriotic Democrat Party of President Truman, President Kennedy, and President Johnson was radicalized over the last 8 years, by the Obama administration, and Nazi Collaborator George Soros. The below listed article by Historian, Charles Sasser, outlines the policies and leadership of the new Democratic Party. America is under siege from within, the two new […]

Judicial Watch: Obama Released 165,900 Convicted Criminal Illegals Aliens Into U.S. Cities

Very few of the elected members of Congress have taken action to oppose the multiple programs that the Obama administration, Obama’s 45 un-elected Czars, and his 70 member Socialist/Progressive/Communist Caucus have been promoting for the last 6 ½ years, in their well-coordinated plans to “CHANGE” and transform the Republic to a Socialist State.  Those plans […]

Rep. Scott G. Perry (R-PA): It Takes ‘Moral Courage’ To Stand Against the GOP Leadership

Yet another courageous lawmaker, endorsed and elected by the Combat Veterans For Congress, U.S. Representative Scott G. Perry (Colonel PA-ARNG) is opposing the SECRET 800 page unconstitutional Fast Track Trade legislation that no member of Congress has read, which will give President Obama the power to eliminate all Federal Immigration Laws and keep the wide […]

Republican Congressional Leaders Grant Obama “Unconstitutional” Authority to By-Pass Congress in Approving Treaties

On Tuesday the Republican leadership will encourage the House and Senate to vote to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Initiative; the bill is known as “Trade Promotion Authority” or TPA—when no one has even seen thousands of pages of Obama’s Secret Trade Bill —now the Republican leadership is saying “we will have to pass it to […]

Obama’s Policies degrading the “Combat Effectiveness” of the U.S. Armed Forces

By evaluating an overwhelming amount of evidence that has been building for 6 ½ years, the obvious conclusion personnel with extensive military experience will come to, is that Obama’s military policies have been degrading the finest U.S. military fighting force in history. Over the last 6 ½ years, the U.S. Armed Forces has been hollowed out […]

TEA Party Hero refuses to cave on GOP’s Omnibus Funding Bill [Video]

An elected Combat Veterans For Congress, Congressman James Bridenstine, Lcdr-USNR (R-OK-1), is one of the principled members of Congress who votes his conscious against very bad legislation, in support of the US Constitution, and regardless of the consequence. Regardless of the possibility of retribution, Congressman Bridenstine voted his conscious against the Omnibus Funding Bill that […]

Foreign Policy Absurdity #1: Iran and Hezbollah no longer Foreign Terrorist Organizations!

For the first time in 36 years, the Annual Security Assessment presented to the U.S. Senate, by previous CIA Directors and Directors of National Intelligence, has “EXCLUDED” Iran and Hezbollah from the State Department’s Bureau of Counter-terrorism List of Foreign Terrorist Organizations. Without any doubt, at all, the National Intelligence Agencies of over 100 nations, […]

President Obama’s Subtle Support for Anti-Police Street Demonstrations

“The hardest thing to explain is the glaring evidence which everybody has decided not to see” – Ayn Rand Only the Arctic cold spell gripping the nation, the State of the Union Address (Obama didn’t want demonstrators to detract), and the facts presented in the Justice Department Report as a result of FBI Agents’ investigating […]

Preventing Voter Fraud by Illegal Aliens and Fighting Radical Islamic Terrorists in the U.S.

While the worldwide Radical Islamic Terrorist threat has continued to grow over the last 6 years, the Obama administration has intentionally and systematically violated the 9/11 Commission Report on how to protect the nation from another terrorists attack.  Obama has been dismantling the U.S. Immigration System by violating Federal Immigration Laws previously passed by many […]