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Admiral James A. Lyons: Obama’s foreign-policy ‘flexibility’ seen as weakness

The below listed Op-Ed was written by Admiral James A. Lyons, USN (Ret), the former Commander-In-Chief of the Pacific Fleet; he discussed the unilateral disarmament of the US Armed Forces by the occupant of the Oval Office, while Russia, China, Iran, and Al Q’ieda are building up their military strength. Admiral Lyons discusses how the […]

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) Was Behind BLM Land Grab of The Bundy Ranch

A article by Kit Daniels from InfoWar.com outlines in detail how corrupted Senator Reid was behind the land grab of the Bundy Ranch. It turns out that Neil Kornze, who was raised in Elko, Nevada, was a former senior advisor on Majority Leader, Senator Harry Reid’s staff. Kornze joined the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) […]

The EPA’s Taking of Nevada 1-2-3

The Freedoms guaranteed individuals by the US Constitution continues to be eroded by the Obama administration.  When the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) took possession of millions of dollars in private property and cattle herds in violation of the provisions of the Bill of Rights and the Tenth Amendment, the Federal Government violated Nevada’s State Sovereignty, […]

Gross Dereliction of Duty

Obama administration political appointees in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have been recruiting and appointing many pro-amnesty lawyers in key management positions throughout DHS. The goal of the Obama administration in placing those pro-amnesty lawyers throughout DHS was to dismantle the deporting infrastructure it took 12 years for the US government to create. Those […]

Obama Caught Secretly Giving “Free” US Army and Marine Equipment to Putin

Congressman James Bridenstine (R-OK, District 1) has uncovered another Obama secret scandal. The deal that was entered into behind closed doors by President Obama with Russian President Putin. The deal is to give Russia “Free of Charge” crucial, mid-grade sensitive US military technology, used by US Special Operations Forces to get ready for combat operations. The National […]

Dozens of Elected Lawmakers Arrested by the FBI: Guess What — They’re all Democrats!

World Net Daily reported that the FBI executed a dozen arrest warrants against elected officials in eight states.  Elected officials like Democratic mayor of Charlotte, N.C., Patrick Cannon, who was arrested Wednesday. The offices of Democratic New York state Assemblyman William Scarborough were raided Wednesday, and Democratic state Senators John Sampson and Malcolm Smith were indicted on federal corruption […]

US Foreign Policy In A Tailspin

The weak and inadequate leadership displayed by the occupant of the Oval Office, over the last 5 years, is responsible for, and has created the worldwide political destabilization we are witnessing. When Obama came into office, he felt the United States prior inordinate stature in the international community was an undeserved stature and a result […]

Pentagon Budget Slashes Military Personnel Benefits Again

The assault on the US military continues unabated.  The long term goal of the Obama administration has always been to reduce America’s military power consistently and systematically, and they are doing it at a time when China, Russia, Iran, and Al Qaeda military strengths are increasing. In the below listed article you can read how […]

President Obama killing our soldiers softly with his Rules of Engagement

In the 7 years, from 2001 to 2008, US Military Personnel engaged in combat in Afghanistan operated under the “standard” Rules Of Engagement (ROE) that the military always operated under; during those 7 years, 630 US Military Personnel were Killed In Action (KIA).  In 2009, Obama imposed new and “dangerous” ROE on US Military Personnel […]