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Deep State House Arrests Coming To An End

The deep state house arrests, (stay at home orders), are coming to an end, step by step. Consider This “There are very, very burdensome impingement’s on liberty,” he told radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt, “and we adopted them for the limited purpose of slowing down the spread. We didn’t adopt them as the comprehensive […]

McCabe Got Off?! – Outer Bands of a Category Five Hurricane – Stone, Barr, Smollet and a ton more…

McCabe got off! Comey got off! Nah, strategy. Their all going down. Timing and optics. Keep reading please. Yes. The storm is upon us. This is a category five hurricane and we have just entered the outer bands of an intensifying category five with winds far exceeding 200 mph. There is a concentrated eye in […]

VIDEO: We Are The News

Now that Rudy Giuliani has been activated, we can mark this as a critical and pivotal moment. Sure, there has been the “alternative media” for quite some time now, but this is different. And as Q, (QANON) has told us, we are the news.  Now with the most recent and incredibly dangerous and disruptive impeachment hoax […]

2020 Has Arrived And So Have The False Flags

FALSE FLAG A false flag is intentional misrepresentation, especially a covert political or military operation carried out to appear as if it was undertaken by another party. Impeachment with False Flag Looming Boggles the mind that in order to proceed with impeachment you would think there would be high crimes and misdemeanors along with supportive facts and evidence in […]

The Impeachment That Never Was [Can You Say Criminal Illegal Coup?]

And the fake news media headlines get it wrong again, “Trump Impeached”, oops-NOT! With headline after headline to keep the public ill-informed, (and by some measures there is an estimated 30% of Americans who actually believe the President was impeached and even removed from office), the main stream media gets it wrong yet again. With […]

Weaponization of Impeachment Has Utterly Failed

The weaponization of impeachment has utterly failed. I called this long ago and my media interviews, weekly video commentaries and articles will serve as a track record. The real and only concern about this is the potential precedent this creates moving forward into 2020 and beyond for President Trump and for future Presidents. It’s our […]