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Nationalism Versus Globalism

Nationalism versus Globalism. Let’s explore the basics of Nationalism versus Globalism, as Clinton can easily be defined as a Globalist and Trump can easily be defined as a Nationalist. So an important question to ask is where will the Globalist agenda lead us vs. the Nationalist agenda? Please listen to a brief podcast commentary relating […]

Trump Ethics, Justice and the Border

When individuals or groups and nations cannot restrain their unlawful and dangerous behavior, they must be restrained by others. Thus ethics, justice and the rule of law. We see this every day in life and we see this today with the caravan invasion approaching the United States. This is why President Trump, adhering to the […]

Desperate Acts of the Deep State — Vote Red

Sending fake bombs and then reporting fake news. Acts of the evil and insane. “No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is doing is worse than you imagine.” – William Blum (former U.S. State Dept. employee) There is a system in place, a clandestine, sophisticated network that controls the world we […]

Pathetic But In The End They Lose [+Videos]

As a TRUE AMERICAN, I must say that I am furious, saddened and sickened by this embarrassing and pathetic attempt by the Democrats (DC Deep State Operatives), to delay, derail and prevent a most highly honorable and qualified man, Brett Kavannaugh to the Supreme Court. These hearings were an embarrassment and quite dangerous based upon […]

Martial Law and Military Tribunals Trump Takes on the Deep State

Two Executive Orders by President Trump tells you all you need to know. This is a very important post that provides not only a commentary and analysis but also critical supportive links including two Executive Orders by President Donald J. Trump. Read this post carefully and the links within. Share this everywhere. Martial Law and […]