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Heathens Take Note

Some conservatives, isolationists and “Peaceniks” miss the point. Putin and Assad were testing U.S. tolerance …  how far would President Trump let them go to establish control in the Syrian civil war? The U.S. President gave a clear, decisive, immediate answer … not that far. This was very refreshing, and needed after 8 years of […]

The Great Gamble

Victims of their own propaganda, and driven by personal power and greed, Soviet leaders realized too late that their socialist “progressive” vision was inherently flawed and fatally corrupt.  The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics collapsed into oblivion. A very small group of Elite progressive power-brokers has gone all-in to dictate the future of the Democratic […]

Where is Elliot Richardson? Loyalty over Integrity and the Future of Our Nation!

History is repeating itself, but no one is watching.  The executive branch of government is tipping balance of power, and nothing is said.  The United States is in Constitutional crisis, but nobody cares.  The future of our Nation hangs in the balance, but we are surrounded by media yes-men and cowards.  We need men and […]

Eroding Faith in America

Trust and faith in America is eroding, swiftly.  Our security, freedom and success are built on respect for our laws and our institutions.  The Constitution is the foundation of those laws and institutions.  In spite of America’s many historical mistakes, our flaws and our future failures, the United States of America and the American People […]

The ‘Globalist Elite’ Threat to America by Jim McKinney

Make no mistake, this election may make or break America.  We, the American people, face a crisis of national unity, national security, and national survival from an elitist, mythical dream of “globalism.” Americans are more divided than any time since the war and race riots of the 1960’s. We are fighting among ourselves.  Over 800,000 […]

Globalism: The End of Free Markets? Be Afraid!

Global mega-corporations and tech giants are not just monopolistic threats to competition, creating inferior goods and higher prices; they threaten the future of free-markets. As these 21st Century monopolies move workforces to developing nations and consolidate market share, they are undermining job markets and purchasing power in free-market oriented developed nations.   Developed nations have slower growth […]