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Biden’s claim about children: I WISH it were a gaffe

President Biden has more than his share of gaffes. But he made a remark last week on education, as he and his wife Jill hosted a Teacher of the Year event at the White House.  It was not a gaffe. Biden said to teachers: “They’re not somebody else’s children. They’re yours when you’re in the […]

The Hope of America

If you were to travel around the nation, what one thing would you find repeatedly? The answer may surprise you—especially in light of the violence rocking our nation, the disintegration of common values, the rampant crime, and the breakdown of morals. Fox News reports (4/18/22): “A New York man who has been cycling to all […]

Some Christian Reflections on ‘the Slap Heard Round the World’

The world is still reflecting on “the slap heard ‘round the world”—when Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock at the Academy Awards in front of millions of witnesses for telling a joke about his wife. Perhaps the most disturbing element of the whole story was the standing ovation Smith received later that night for winning […]

Abortion and Biden’s SCOTUS Nominee

WATCH: An anti-abortion activist testifies against Jackson’s Supreme Court nomination. Eleanor McCullen, an anti-abortion activist, delivered testimony in opposition of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination, on the final day of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings.  With a bang of a gavel in 1973, 63 million fellow Americans were condemned to die. […]

Responding to the Charge that the Constitution is ‘Trash’

These days all kinds of ridiculous things are said against America, the Pledge of Allegiance, the flag, and our history. Now, one leftist reporter calls the Constitution “trash.” It should be thrown away and replaced with something “more inclusive.” Elie Mystal who is the “Justice correspondent” for The Nation, said on “The View” recently, “The […]

Distorting Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill

If some parent wants their children exposed to Drag Queen Story Hour or the like, it’s a free country. But why should those who don’t agree with that view have their children exposed to something they believe is wrong? They should not. And this bill favors parental rights over the “progressive” bullies. The bill’s opening […]

Will the Music Go Silent in Kiev?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the [20th] century” was the collapse of the Soviet Union. Today Putin is moving hard to “reclaim,” as he would it see it, an important part of Russia—neighboring Ukraine. Thus, the fallout from the Communist atheists’ disastrous takeover of Russia in 1917 continues to this […]

Cohabitation—Preparation for Divorce?

Marriage is a gift from God. But marriage is in a sad state in America today, and we all suffer because of it. I read recently about the movie star Joan Crawford who was legendary in her promiscuity. As her rival Bette Davis once reportedly sneered about her, “She slept with every male star at […]

Dismantling American History … One Statue at a Time

It would seem that in our day, American history is being dismantled one statue at a time. Just the other week, New York City removed a statue of Theodore Roosevelt. NBC notes: “The bronze sculpture of Roosevelt on horseback with Native American and African figures depicted subjugation and racial inferiority, the American Museum of Natural […]