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Iran built on stolen property — Trump should take it back

President-elect Donald Trump was right during the campaign to call the Iran nuclear agreement “the worst deal ever negotiated” by the United States government. Not only did it reward a terrorist state with $100 billion of frozen oil revenues (some say, $150 billion), it dismantled an extensive armature of international sanctions that had cut Iran’s […]

The Persian News nightmare: America’s ‘voice’ has been transformed into the Voice of Tehran

If you had been listening to the Voice of America’s Persian News Network (PNN) in the weeks and months before the U.S. presidential elections, you would easily have believed that Donald Trump was a white supremacist in league with the Ku Klux Klan who raped underage girls, and that Hillary Clinton was a shoe-in to […]

Watch What Iran Does, but also Listen to What They Are Saying — ‘Death to America’

President-Elect Trump will be tested by the Islamic state of Iran soon after taking office on January 20. It could come the very day of his inauguration with an enormous (if superficial) head-fake, as they gave President Reagan by releasing our U.S. diplomat-hostages the very minute he swore the oath of office. Or it could […]

#RiggedSystem: Debate proves media part of banana republic vote

Elections are about power: who has it, who doesn’t. Until this year, we were told that the candidate with the most money would win. Why? Because money buys negative ads to influence an uninformed electorate. Who keeps the electorate uninformed? The national media. When I started to work as a reporter in the early 1980s, […]

Explosive Project Veritas undercover video reveals Clinton camp mischief

Remember the “violent protests” that shut down a planned Trump rally in Chicago in March? Or the anti-Trump protests that closed a road to a Trump event in Arizona? There was nothing spontaneous about them. They were just following “a script of engagement” written by paid Clinton campaign operatives, according to an explosive new undercover […]

Did Hillary Make Unauthorized Release of Classified Information on Bin Laden Raid?

In its initial release of hacked emails from Clinton campaign manager John Podesta last Friday, Wikileaks included an extraordinary document so full of revelations that journalists are still finding new material in its depths. Among the most explosive are quotes from a Nov. 4, 2013 speech to London Drugs in Toronto, Canada, where she appeared […]

The media elites feel that shiver up the spine — and it’s not victory

You know a candidate is in trouble when she deflects softball questions about her policies to talk about her opponent’s character. Hillary Clinton’s phony “press conference,” where she took six questions from friendly reporters and filibustered nearly half of the time to trash-talk Donald Trump, shows a candidate and a campaign that is disintegrating in […]

THE TURKEY-RUSSIA-IRAN AXIS: Dramatic developments alter the strategic balance in the Middle East

A tectonic shift has occurred in the balance of power in the Middle East since the failed Turkish coup of mid-July, and virtually no one in Washington is paying attention to it. Turkey and Iran are simultaneously moving toward Russia, while Russia is expanding its global military and strategic reach, all to the detriment of […]