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U.S. Secretary of Defense Carter and Transgenderism

Department of Defense Secretary Ash Carter has issued instructions to all military branches that transgender people may now join the military and serve openly as to what gender they identify with and those currently serving may disclose themselves without any repercussions, or problems.  This paper is to bring to light that women, who identify as […]

Whigs to Republican to Whigs

Back in the days when our school-marms and teachers were teaching civics, they left certain important elements out, such as learning the mistakes recorded in history that should never be repeated.  Alas, even during the times I was in school this was never taught.  Today, it has gotten worse. These things I am talking about […]

Cruz’s Extra-Marital Problems Continue

The National Enquirer generally has a good track record in exposing politicians in a dim view and now, Ted Cruz has come under the microscope of the National Enquirer. The National Enquirer has taken flak and it still stands by its story.  The National Enquirer has only touched the surface of Senator Ted Cruz’s problem […]