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Watch Border 911 with former Director of ICE Tom Homan and former Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem

America is not simply experiencing a rush across the once semi-secure southern Border. America is deliberately under attack. Those in public office, regardless of political party, whose loyalty is elsewhere than America First, are encouraging the onslaught leading to the collapse of this Republic. Make no mistake, a sophisticated plan was launched by Una-party/Globalist elected […]

MUST WATCH INTERVIEW: With Mr. Ryan Hartwig, formerly of Facebook

Ryan Hartwig is an American unsung hero. For two years Mr. Hartwig was responsible for censoring conservative messages and especially anything Trump from Facebook, Instagram and social media. As you will learn, Ryan did not grasp the subtle messages and internal memos he received with sometimes nebulous instructions as to the screening he was being […]

VIDEOS: The Communist Takeover Of America and its Churches

There was a time when simply mentioning the seeping of Marxism into our country would have not only raised eye brows but would have created quite a reaction. Today Marxism has been allowed, even promoted, into our schools, social settings, and the church at-large! Yes…the church across America has been flooded with Marxism, as have […]

VIDEO: Member of European Parliament Christine Anderson Speaks ‘Truth to Power’

We are in a period of time when most elected officials don’t even pretend to be public servants anymore, and this is especially true at the national level with few exceptions. The idea of an “I – thou” relationship has evolved. America’s liberal political establishment, along with the RINO political fraternity, has become something our […]

TAKE ACTION: Hamas Supporters holding a ‘Jihad Jamboree’ on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

Muslim march in support of terrorist Hamas on Washington, D.C. on Saturday, January 13th, 2024 at 1:00 p.m. The following information is reported by Clare M. Lopez, a nationally recognized strategic policy and intelligence specialist. Clare is also recognized as a subject-matter specialist on national defense, Islam, Iran, and counterterrorism issues. I am privileged to […]

VIDEO: Interview with Brian Slater, Founder of Abundant Bread of Salvation Ministry in Israel

The conversation you are about to hear is full of meaning and implications that will touch your heart. Brian Slater, Founder of Abundant Bread of Salvation Ministry in Israel is my guest. You will enjoy learning how Brian’s ministry is unique, in that, feeding and caring for Holocaust survivors in Netanya, Israel along with serving […]

RED ALERT: Dangerous Legislation to Expand Surveillance on American Citizens

The march towards government control over the lives of every citizen in America continues with the proposed legislation mentioned below. Similar to the days of the colonists who brought the United States into reality in 1775, present-day citizens (colonists) better push back against every level politician; regardless if they are local, county or state and […]

Court Rules ‘Shocking Evidence of Ballot Fraud—Throws Out Election Results

Since November 2020, issues related to election security have been put forth, along with evidence, demonstrating the electoral process in our nation has been severely compromised. We no longer have elections but selections, especially in key races across our country that could very well push back the flow of One-World Marxist government and the New-World […]

SPECIAL EDITION — Tennessee Mayoral Candidate Gabrielle Hanson and Voter Fraud

Continuously since 2020, Americans have been told, “there was NO election fraud!” Regardless of the hearings, submittals, testimony, and evidence made public, the political establishment combined from both political parties have worked overtime to squash even a scintilla of evidence and to ridicule, even character assassinate, those who came forward and dared to suggest our […]

Israel Invasion too Complex for Hamas, Iran and Russia Assisted

NOTICE OF UNCLASSIFIED INTELLIGENCE COMMUNICATION: The content of this briefing contains information likely released into the public domain but quite possibly little seen or known by the reader; therefore, nothing contained herein violates any sanctions for dissemination but does provide the reader with vetted information. There are no restrictions for disclosure, dissemination, copying or distribution […]

Who is Laphonza Butler, Newsome’s U.S. Senate Appointment?

California’s Governor, Gavin Newsom, was quick to appoint Laphonza Butler to fill the U.S. Senate seat of Diane Feinstein. While Newsom smiles believing he really looks great as a leader of the people and for the people, it really doesn’t matter the details of his appointment. So no one should raise an eyebrow at Laphonza Butler […]

[S]ELECTION CODE: Fact-Based Exposé on Election Fraud

On November 30, 2020, members of the Arizona State Legislature held a day long televised hearing in Phoenix addressing national election fraud. Evidence and subject-matter specialists provided testimony with evidence demonstrating such horrendous activity did, indeed, occur. Non-stop since then, Arizona Legislators have led to expose multiple forms of election fraud. The honorable manner by […]