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Mexican judge’s parents not American Citizens

Donald Trump once again was blasted by all segments in the political arena, including so-called conservative leaders like House Speaker Paul Ryan, Arizona Senator John McCain, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, for calling out the Federal Judge in the Trump University Law Suit. Trump stated how Judge Curiel has been and remains a strong supporter […]

Disinformation…lies…more lies: Orlando Killer’s Father Held Meetings at the White House

Disinformation…lies…more lies…ignoring terrorist events or incidents and then minimizing the official response. Here is a video of President Obama defending his policy not to use the term “radical Islam”: Deliberately weakening National Security through a variety of means; including, but not limited to: rewritten policy prohibiting aggressive screening, intelligence collection, apprehension, budgetary reductions to agencies […]

Trump: The United States needs a President who Obeys the Rule of Law

Fascism is the consolidation of power into a centralized government run by the few over the many. Fascism does not permit opposition or even criticism of its rulings and conduct of affairs. A fascist government may have the appearance of democracy with different branches of government but ALL decisions are made by the extreme few […]

Arizona Border Fence Unmanned: Drug Cartels driving vehicles into U.S.

Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, said criminal cartels recently cut a hole through the fence located on a 10-mile stretch of the border in Arizona. Judd explained that an agent in Arizona notified him that the area was unmanned for more than two days due to a lack of manpower. Judd […]

He has Risen!

Jesus Christ died. He died quivering on a cross, after receiving a horrific public thrashing that would have killed any other human. He died after carrying His own instrument of death, the top part of the cross, to Golgotha where He was brutally and efficiently nailed to the beam He carried. He died after hanging […]

Islamic State Announcement on Brussels: Slaughter all non-Muslims, Allah wills it, quotes Qur’an

Quoted in the article below is the “official” Islamic State announcement on the Brussels attack on March 22nd by the Amaq News Agency. The announcement again demonstrates the evil intent to kill all “kuffars” (all non-Muslims, including women, children, and the old). You will learn that the killings across the world, and here in America, shall continue […]

New information on Tashfeen Malik the San Bernardino Shooter

The lies and damnable lies stated about the San Bernardino, CA Islamic shooters being simply “work place violence” or a “grudge with a fellow co-worker” or even stressors leading to severe depression and anger by the shooter, Syed Farook, are once again exposed as lies with the addition of the below information. Solid and professional […]

VIDEO: On the LaVoy Finicum/Oregon Law Enforcement Confrontation and Shooting

You are about to watch the confrontation, including “shots fired” at Mr.  LaVoy Finicum in Oregon on January 26th, 2016.  Many stories, including so-called “eye witnesses” have communicated versions of the incident leading to the death of Mr. Finicum of Mohave County, Arizona who had been protesting in Burn, Oregon the past five weeks. The […]

Islamic State Preparing ‘Hell Cannons’ To Rain Death Down Upon America

If you see something, say something! Law enforcement, especially those directly involved with counterterrorism responsibilities, threat assessment and intelligence gathering professionals, know all too well America is engaged in a war, and it is already being fought in the Continental United States (CONUS). While the majority of citizens go about their daily lives as if […]

California Nightmare: Political Correctness Kills in San Bernardino

Daniel Greenfield of the David Horowitz Freedom Center wrote a truly reflective article below, one professionals in law enforcement, threat assessment, and counter-terrorism fields will study, and elected officials should. We are not ready.  We as a nation simply are still not ready to face the truly ugly tenants of Islam that clearly teaches and […]