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Glitz and Silhouettes: An Odyssey to Melania Trump’s Fashion Style

Melania Trump is consistently in the spotlight when it comes to international headlines. As she joins President Trump throughout the trip, her stylish attires catch the public’s attention at every turn. While Donald Trump turns the media crazy while meeting world leaders around the globe, Melania continues to faze the fashion sphere with diplomatic fashion […]

New Secrets Unlocked: Know The Curse of Sleep Loss to Alzheimer’s

Sleeping less than seven hours makes you tired, woozy, and grumpy. Long-term effects of sleep loss become more dangerous than you ever expected. Scientific findings link sleep deprivation to obesity, heart disease, mood swings, diabetes, sleep disorders, and other kinds of health issues. You may already know the risks written in a long list, and […]

Fashion in Combat: Military Uniform Evolution that Will Make You Travel in Time

Through hundreds of years, military uniforms go through a radical evolution in clothing and styling. Every prominent regime, US Army uniforms shifted from rags to polished black boots, from blue waistcoat and breeches to camouflage patterns, and from tricorn hat to green combat helmets. Let’s travel back in time and learn to appreciate US soldiers […]