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Education Wish List for the New President

President-Elect Donald Trump’s nomination of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education has been met with mixed emotions. Of course, the wealthy funder in Michigan education circles stated her opposition to Common Core shortly after the announcement, but activists are wary of her previous financial support of pro-Common Core organizations. Teachers unions hate her because of […]

A Return to Liberal Learning: The Examined Life IS Worth Living

While a post-election mass meltdown is taking place on college campuses across the country (aided and abetted by radical professors), philosophy professor Jack Kerwick carries on, as he should, teaching….philosophy. A longtime friend of Dissident Prof who contributed an insightful essay to Exiled, Jack Kerwick offers his musings on the purpose of philosophy for these […]

The World Obama and Supplicant Republicans Have Made

In 2008, then-candidate Barack Obama famously disparaged middle America at a San Francisco fundraiser, calling them bitter people who “cling” to their guns and religion.  Obama’s opponent, John McCain, did not defend these Americans. Instead, his campaign reined in the feisty Sarah Palin. In debates with the cocky community organizer McCain muttered about “bipartisanship.” After the […]

DEPLORABLE: The Smearing of the Middle Class by Pseudo-Intellectuals

Long before Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank claimed to have the “statistics” to prove Hillary Clinton’s assertion that half of Donald Trump supporters are “deplorables,” a liberal outlets that has repeated such slurs — the New York Times — published an article titled “Poll Finds Tea Party Backers Wealthier and More Educated.” That was back […]

Zulu Witchcraft and Liberals (and, No, This Isn’t Racist)

Zulus and Liberals (and, No, This Isn’t Racist) by Malcolm Allen, Professor of English at the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley and a longtime commiserater with and supporter of Dissident Prof, as well as contributor to Exiled: Stories from Conservative and Moderate Professors Who Have Been Ridiculed, Ostracized, Marginalized, Demonized, and Frozen Out. British spellings have been […]

No Retreat from Hillary’s Village: Clinton’s dream of sending federal agents into American homes

A campaign ad that Hillary Clinton used against Barack Obama in 2008 featured images of sleeping children, with a voice asking who would answer the phone ringing in the White House at 3 a.m., “someone who already knows the world leaders . . . the military,” someone “tested and ready to lead”—or (by implication) a […]

Undoing the Damage of the Obama Regime: Disproportionate Discipline in Education

Certain students see themselves as “untouchable.” Oklahoma City Schools and other school districts forced to adopt the Department of Education’s “steps of action” can expect similar outcomes. As others have pointed out, all students, including minority students, are harmed when criminals and criminals-in-the-making are allowed to control our schools. One civics lesson students need to […]

Republican Primary Lesson: It’s Not About You!

The existential threat to America today is not communism but colonization by illegal aliens and Muslim “refugees.” Political correctness subverts our First Amendment rights and shuts down even discussions about the threats to the middle class. On the day Donald Trump resoundingly won primaries in West Virginia and Nebraska, the same day that Ted Cruz […]

The Forgotten History Of ‘The Black Silent Majority’

A great many African-Americans of the civil rights era supported strong punishments against the criminals wreaking havoc in their neighborhoods, as ‘The Black Silent Majority’ shows. At a 1973 bill-signing session, the pistol-packing Reverend Oberia Dempsey of Upper Park Avenue Church in Harlem praised Republican Gov. Nelson Rockefeller for heeding the calls of his community […]

At the Donald Trump Rally: ‘Let’s talk about Rochester’

When Trump mentioned Bausch & Lomb and Kodak, I was reminded about seeing the adults in the neighborhood leave early in the mornings and come home from these workplaces, as well as factories like Bond’s, Hickey-Freeman, and Rochester Products.  Most of these have either closed or downsized; workers in foreign countries now do the jobs […]

Melissa Click: One Bad Professor Fired, Thousands More To Go

Melissa Click, the University of Missouri communications professor whom videos show obstructed the press and assaulted a student during last fall’s social justice protests, has finally been fired. Click was acting as de facto communications director for the radical group “Concerned Student 1950” that, like many groups across the nation, was accusing, with no evidence, […]

School Is About Freedom, Marco Rubio, Not Just Money

Republicans including Marco Rubio parrot leftist lines about how education’s ultimate goal is money. It needs to be a great deal more than that if our republic is to survive. Once again, presidential candidate Marco Rubio, when asked a question about education, disparaged liberal learning by repeating his well-rehearsed lines about preparing students for careers […]