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The Agenda of Racially Sensitive ‘White Guys’

Over at a place called Diversity, Inc., founder and CEO Luke Visconti runs a regular column titled “Ask the White Guy.” Recent advice columns have concerned “Why is Trayvon a White-on-Black Crime?” “Can a White Man Speak with Authority on Diversity?” and “Do Blacks Need to Relax Their Natural Hair to Get Promoted?” No kidding. […]

Confronting Common Core in Georgia

More than 120 people drove through heavy rain to hear the panel discussion “Confronting the Common Core” in Gainesville, Georgia, on January 13.  The event was sponsored by Concerned Women for America and American Principles in Action, and featured Jane Robbins, Senior Fellow at the American Principles Project; Dr. Terrence O. Moore, History Professor, Hillsdale […]

Common Core: What’s behind Arne Duncan’s Race Card?

A stated goal of Common Core has been closing “the achievement gap” that exists largely between inner-city and suburban schools, and white and minority students. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan let slip a key aim: equalizing educational outcomes by redefining proficiency. Objective measurements as traditional letter grades A through F are also being abandoned. During […]

Common Core, Equality of Outcome, the Heavy Hand of Ed

Alexis de Tocqueville wrote about the dangers of confusing equal rights with equal outcomes.  Our system of justice is based on the rights of the individual.  We believe in rewarding individual merit, in school and on the job.  But the U.S. Department of Education is intent on guaranteeing equality of outcomes and is pulling the […]

Recap of 2013: The Funny, the Sad and the Scary

May this land, to which my parents and many others escaped, retain its freedom, freedom to satirize and express opinions–especially about politicians.  The Dissident Prof makes her debut appearance at The People’s Cube, with an imitation of the inimitable Maureen Dowd, who is about as accurate in her diagnoses of causes for potential apocalypses as is […]

Recommended Reading and Books for Christmas

It’s been a busy year with the last talk last month, on “Weather Underground in the Ivory Tower” with Tina Trent, sponsored by the National Association of Scholars.  A membership to NAS, which includes a subscription to Academic Questions, would make a nice Christmas gift. Books always make good gifts too, and here are a few: Bringing Down America: […]

Common Core’s Anti-Gun Lessons on Sandy Hook

The pundits may have thought that Barack Obama’s efforts to exploit the Sandy Hook School tragedy on December 14, 2012, where a mentally ill young man killed 20 elementary school students and 6 teachers, had been tabled for lack of support.  Now we learn that Obama’s Organizing for Action super pac is exploiting the one-year anniversary with fake memorials in order to […]