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The Inconvenient Truth about Public Charge Provisions of Immigration Laws

There are two broad categories of lies that could be referred to as crimes of commission and crimes of omission. The crime of commission is when facts are blatantly misrepresented, while the crime of omission involves leaving out relevant information, for example, when statements are taken out of context or relevant information is left out […]

ICE Field Operation Helps American Workers

When will compassion apply to beleaguered Americans? On August 7, 2019 ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) issued a press release that announced, ICE executes federal search warrants at multiple Mississippi locations.  Fox News also reported on that massive field operation in its report, ICE raids on Mississippi food processing plants result in 680 arrests. The mainstream media, […]

Afghani Citizen and former U.S. Military Interpreter Charged with Alien Smuggling

With all of the emphasis on the lack of security along the U.S./Mexican border, most Americans have forgotten that the immigration system consists of many elements and that failures of the immigration system may profoundly impact nearly every challenge and threat that America and Americans face in this dangerous and challenging era. To be clear, […]

Democrats and Republicans Passed an Immigration Bill — But it went largely unreported.

It has been my contention, for many years, that contrary to the lies spewed in the mainstream media that the immigration system is broken while, in reality, the immigration system is not broken, but has become the most efficient delivery system in the United States rivaling Fed-Ex and UPS combined. What the immigration system delivers […]

QUESTIONS THE CANDIDATES MUST ANSWER: And the one question that will expose those who actually hate you.

The first two Presidential primary debates are behind us but before Election Day there will be many, many more to come. Typically the news media not only broadcast the debates but are quick to report on the statements and responses made by the candidate participants. However, what receives little attention are the questions that were […]

Dems Determined to Leave America Borderless. And hence, defenseless.

The quintessential example of “Chutzpah” is the young man who kills both of his parents and then pleads for mercy arguing that he is an orphan. The Democrats have succeeded in providing an even more egregious example of demonstrating chutzpah by betraying their oaths of office and betraying their constituents and, indeed, all Americans. The official report, 9/11 […]


On June 18, 2019 The New York Daily News reported, “Cuomo signs bill granting undocumented immigrants access to New York driver’s licenses despite 11th-hour concerns.” Incredibly, the concerns were not about how this might impact national security, public safety or the immigration crisis on the border, but about how information in the DMV databases might help the […]

Politicians Must Face Consequences for Crimes They Enable: Malfeasant politicians must find no “sanctuary.”

The phrase, Failure is Not An Option served as the title of the book written by Gene Kranz, Flight Director for NASA who helped create the U.S. manned space program and was instrumental in successfully returning the crew of Apollo 13 to the earth after their spacecraft suffered a catastrophic explosion half-way to the moon. In most […]

Trump’s Mexico Tariffs: Result of Congressional Obstruction

Congress and courts have undermined border security – tariffs are a last resort. On May 30, 2019 President Trump announced that he was contemplating imposing tariffs against Mexican imports to the United States to force Mexico to assist in securing the U.S./Mexican border. The very next day, CNN reported, “Trump threatens tariffs on Mexico over immigration” […]

Cooperation Between ICE and Police Essential to Combat MS-13

Immigration law enforcement provides heavy artillery to fight transnational crime. On May 26, 2019 the local radio station in New York, 1010 WINS reported, Nassau police union: Dozens more detectives needed to combat MS-13. That report began with this excerpt: NEW YORK (1010 WINS) – Two days after the body of a suspected MS-13 victim was discovered […]

SANCTUARY POLICIES KILL: The road to hell — paved by malevolent politicians.

Our nation’s immigration laws were enacted to protect national security, public safety, public health and the jobs and wages of Americans.  Those laws are utterly and completely blind about race, religion and/or ethnicity. The 9/11 Commission was crystal clear in its findings that first and foremost, the terror attacks of September 11, 2001 and other attacks perpetrated […]

HEZBOLLAH SLEEPER AGENT CONVICTED OF PLOTTING U.S. TERROR ATTACKS: Lebanese-born terrorist was a naturalized U.S. citizen.

Tensions and hostilities between the United States and Iran have been ramping up and while the news media focuses on how Iran has been operating throughout the Middle East threatening our allies including Israel, the media has ignored that operatives of Hezbollah have, for many years, been operating widely throughout Latin America in conjunction with […]

ALIEN SMUGGLERS EXPLOIT INFANTS — While the Left declares there is no crisis on the border.

On May 16, 2019 ICE issued a press release with the extremely disturbing headline: Fraudulent family case involving 6-month-old represents ‘new level of child endangerment’ according to ICE officials. Here is an excerpt from the press release: Security Investigations (HSI) special agents have described as an increasing trend of fraudulent families presenting at the border in order […]