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Republican Governors like Rick Scott are Saving the American Dream!

Governor Rick Scott of Florida turned around Florida with sound economic principles, and is one of those celebrated Republican Governors. Let’s face it, without a vibrant economy, strong jobs and a healthy middle class… America fails! The Republican Governor’s success across America broadcasts hope for our nation, especially when compared to the federal out-of-control debt […]

High-Speed Rail Fiasco will Break the Bank!

A national spider-web of high-speed rail is being pushed throughout America despite proof of “insolvency” and “never-ending subsidies.” Taxpayers need to know! The fast-track towards US High-Speed-Rail was funded in the 2009 Stimulus, based on the President’s “80% High-Speed Rail 25-Year Plan,” even though the $10.1 Billion appropriate was quickly allocated, the high priority for […]

Winning Republican Strategy: Freedom vs Control

The difference between Democrat and Republican political philosophies has never been so clearly divided – boiling down to two words: FREEDOM vs CONTROL. Patriotic Americans understand the freedoms set forth under representational government by: “We the People.” Question is: “Will Republicans unite to play their winning card?” While the ever-so rigid left marches in lockstep […]