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I Despair of Accurate Polling in the Age of Emocracy

According to a recent Hill-HarrisX poll, one third of American voters identify as “woke”. Depending on your definition of “woke”, that might be very good or very bad news. To the woke, “woke” generally implies a compassionate awareness of social justice issues like racism and discrimination. To sceptics, the Urban Dictionary’s definition is more on-point: “The act of […]

When it comes to race, wokesters are confused about Cuba and Marxism

‘Workers of the world, unite!’ — unless you’re a worker with a MAGA hat. The woke class believes that the United States is one of the most oppressive nations on Earth. Consequently, it will side with any dictator who is not on good terms with the US government. Cuba is a case in point: after […]

To the woke, the Stars and Stripes spell oppression — but for Cubans it means freedom

Why can’t the White House mention Communist oppression? Since the weekend, Cuba has seen widespread, once-in-a-generation protests that may foreshadow the end of the Communist regime’s 62-year grip on the island nation. Thousands took to cities across Cuba, chanting “We are not afraid!” and “Freedom!” Many were filmed gathering outside the Communist Party Headquarters shouting, […]

Repudiating Roe: The Most Important Abortion Case in 30 Years

Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization is a signal moment in America’s constitutional history. For the first time in a generation and a half — nearly 30 years — there is a realistic chance that the Supreme Court might overrule Roe v. Wade, the Court’s 1973 decision establishing a constitutional right to abortion. The Court has agreed to […]

VIDEO: Why did the Champlain Towers South in Surfside collapse?

Was it shoddy engineering, or foul play?  Around 1:30am last Thursday, June 24, about two-thirds of the thirteen-story Champlain Towers South condominium in Surfside, Florida crashed to the ground.  At this writing (Sunday morning), five bodies have been recovered, but there are 156 people still unaccounted for.  As recovery efforts have been hampered by hazardous conditions and […]

Faith, Freedom, and America’s Founding Catholics

The role Catholics played in America’s formative struggles is often overlooked. America’s “sweet land of liberty” of “pilgrims’ pride” and Plymouth Rock has historically had a Protestant-majority understanding of “our father’s God.” But Catholics also revered this “author of liberty.” These “noble free” made leading contributions to “freedom’s holy light” in the American Revolution, as […]

CCP: 100th Anniversary of The Party that Killed 50 Million

Should we congratulate the Chinese Communist Party for killing more human beings than anybody else in history? Finally, here we are. The party for the Party starts, and what Chinese media have called the most memorable celebration in modern history hails the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Even some Western […]

It’s Time that Outrage at Sexual Exploitation Extended to Prostitution

We must work to end all forms of sexual exploitation. A story has surfaced about a prostitute in Adelaide who alleged she was raped after a male client removed his condom without consent during sex. The woman said she was too scared to report the incident to police, as prostitution is still under the criminal law […]

The Turning Tide of Intellectual Atheism

A growing number of leading serious intellectuals are recognising the need for Christianity’s resurrection but can’t quite bring the faith to life in themselves. Recently, I spent some time on the phone with Niall Ferguson, the Scottish historian and Milbank Family Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, for a review I was writing of his latest […]

Marriage works. Why won’t politicians back it?

Among parents in the top socio-economic groupings three quarters are married by the time their children are born. Marriage Foundation, a UK charity, recently surveyed 2,000 young adults for Marriage Week 2021 and found that over 80 percent of 18-30s want to marry. So why won’t our politicians back marriage? I am the Research Director of Marriage Foundation. For […]

Do Christian Principles Influence Economics Today?

New book looks at how religious ideas influenced the founders of economics, including Enlightenment leaders Adam Smith and David Hume. Religion and the Rise of Capitalism By Benjamin Friedman, Random House, 2021, 560 pages The influence of religious principles still underpins much of Western society – including topics as seemingly far from religion as economy […]

Why do Biden and Harris get a free pass on migration but not Trump?

Criticise Trump if you will, but when Biden and Harris adopt the same policies, be consistent: criticise them, too. You can be for or against open borders; immigration is a difficult debate, and I respect anybody who sensibly argues for either side. But you have to be consistent. I have no respect for people who […]

This Transgender ‘Folly’ is Going to Collapse, Just as Eugenics Did

Dr. Paul R. McHugh is University Distinguished Service Professor in the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where he served as Director of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Psychiatrist-in-Chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital from 1975 to 2001. In a distinguished career that began with his training at Harvard Medical School, Brigham and […]

IT’S OFFICIAL: Woke Class Finally Cottons Onto Our Looming Demographic Disaster

Crunch Time Has Come. The pages of the New York Times are holy writ to the chattering classes – de  rigueur reading for woke folk. For once, that is a good thing. Huh? Yes – America’s nomenklatura now know about the global fertility crisis. Wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t made NYT. For the PC set it ain’t news […]