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The sky’s the limit for commercial space flight

Will SpaceX be the first step towards colonising the solar system? On Saturday, May 30, American astronauts flew into orbit on an American-made space vehicle for the first time since 2011. SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket carried Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken, both veterans of the old Space Shuttle program, inside the Dragon capsule, and once […]

Interrogating the Transgender Agenda

A psychiatrist questions the scientific and medical basis for current treatments of gender dysphoria. Dr Paul McHugh is one of America’s leading psychiatrists. The article below is his testimony to the US Supreme Court in the case of R.G. & G.R. Harris Funeral Homes Inc. v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. An employee of the funeral home, […]

Will Planet Earth really thrive with fewer people?

The new Michael Moore film ‘Planet of the Humans’ inadvertently reveals a silver lining to the dark coronavirus cloud, at least in the eyes of the filmmakers. Executive producer Michael Moore and his writer, director, editor and narrator Jeff Gibbs have confounded fellow left leaning political activists by hitting out at the renewable energy industry. […]

Born for each other: How family planning and porn keep company

Partners in the sex business. You can tell something about a person by the company she keeps, and the same applies to organisations. Marie Stopes International, a high profile British birth control non-profit, was outed in The Mail on Sunday recently for receiving cash and goods worth 7.5 million pounds from American porn tycoon Phil Harvey over the past […]

The woman waging war on Big Porn

Both countries and companies have taken advantage of the misery of the Covid-19 pandemic, the lockdowns, the loneliness and the misery of millions to burnish their image. China has donated masks and ventilators; companies have offered free stuff like online yoga lessons, audiobooks, museum tours, movies and software. Great PR! But the most audacious offering […]

End the shutdown: Freedom is more important than (the illusion of) security

The shutdown of the American economy by government decree should end. The lasting and far-reaching harms caused by this authoritarian precedent far outweigh those caused by the COVID-19 virus. The American people—individuals, families, businesses—must decide for themselves how and when to reopen society and return to their daily lives. Neither the Trump administration nor Congress […]

Apocalyptic Fear and Authentic Faith

Just four days after going under coronavirus shutdown, Magna, Utah, was at the epicenter of a 5.7 earthquake on March 18. Greg Schulz, a Magna municipal administrator quipped, “I have a standing order: if we have another Horseman of the Apocalypse ride over the hill, I’m shooting him.” A sense of humor can be a potent […]

Abortion: No Right to Choose for Nurses, No Choice for Mothers

Swedish nurses’ conscience case rejected by European Court of Human Rights. Ellinor Grimmark and Linda Steen, two Swedish nurses who have been denied midwife posts for refusing to carry out abortions, have now lost their legal bid to take Sweden to court for violating their beliefs after they took their case to the European Court […]

The Two Countries with the Greatest Commitment to Democracy

The world over, commitment to democratic values is worryingly weak. For those old enough or educated enough to remember, humanity still lives very much in the shadow of the bloody 20th century (the most murderous in human history) with its failed political ideologies and the resulting huge loss of life.  It was democracy that won […]

The truth about trans must be defended. It’s ridiculous to slander Australian legal academic Patrick Parkinson as ‘transphobic’

The T.C. Beirne School of Law at the University of Queensland was established by a £20,000 donation from Thomas Charles Beirne, a devout Catholic businessman and Papal Knight who was warden of the University from 1928 to 1941. The vast tract of beautiful riverside land on which the university sits in St Lucia was donated by pioneering doctor […]

Embedding LGBT ideology in the curriculum carries serious risks for young people. We need to tell them the facts and consequences.

The UK government funded the LGBT Lobby Stonewall to produce a programme; ‘Creating an LGBT inclusive Primary Curriculum’ which has been designed to erode ‘heteronormative’ assumptions in primary schools. The programme embeds same sex relationships throughout the curriculum, using psychological techniques such as ‘usualising’, ‘actualising’ and desensitization to make these relationships appear normal to our youngest children. Teachers are […]

If 90% of people are biased against women, is feminism useless? Or is the UN statistic meaningless?

Are we bored with gender equality? Does the advent of International Women’s Day not make our hearts race? Just in case, the United Nations Development Programme came up with a sensational statistic for IWD 2020: “close to 90 percent of men and women hold some sort of bias against women,” reported the UN body in […]

Another actress, another point of view on Harvey Weinstein — Are women always victims in the sleazy world of Hollywood?

Cassie Jaye, now 33, was a struggling actress in Hollywood in her late teens and early twenties. Her story sheds light on the Weinstein debacle.  She describes how young beautiful actresses have contracts with publicists and now the publicists find them entry-level work with the rich and powerful of Los Angeles. A beautiful young woman might […]

‘Why does the Catholic Church hate gay people?’ Or rather, why do so many people think that it does?

Why does the Catholic Church hate gay people? Perhaps you have asked that same question yourself. As a Catholic priest, I have certainly heard it. Now I would like to address it. But first, permit me to change the question slightly. Since I emphatically do not think that the Catholic Church hates anybody, I think a better […]