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Truths About the “Do-Nothing” Congress

The House of Representatives is being labeled as a do-nothing congress. Congressional approval ratings are at an all-time low. I guess they must be pretty bad. Should we believe every item of propaganda thrown our way? The president – who has the advantage of being before cameras on a daily basis – continually rails against […]

Global Islam: Seeing the Big Picture

Can’t anyone see the big picture here? All these hotbeds of terror and conquest is not limited to Iraq, or Syria. Look around, it’s in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Nigeria, Chechnya, India, Indonesia, even Europe and China. It’s everywhere. It has even arrived in the west. Radical Islam is dedicated to establish world domination.  […]

Governor Susanna Martinez: Best Presidential Candidate in 2016

The most important issue in the 2016 presidential election is making sure Obama’s residual team and his destructive ideologies are gone from the executive branch. That means the democratic candidate must lose, regardless of single issues, regardless of ethnicity, race, and social leanings. The overall safety and security of America, on the economic scene as well […]

Lamenting the First Black President

I’m happy that the American electorate showed the world that we are not racists; that we can elect a black person to be president of the United States. Too bad the first black president had to be Barack Obama. I am one American who is utterly embarrassed having a president who is either a bumbling […]

Movie Review: “The Railway Man”

Movies released in late spring are generally aimed at the youth audience, with action heroes, inane comedy, cartoons and horror dominating the marquis. But once in a while, a truly good motion picture drama will emerge from the pack. The Railway Man, released in April, is one of those deep and riveting motion pictures. It’s […]

Mother’s Day turns 100

It’s a birthday. May 11, 2014. It marks the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day was officially enacted as a national holiday by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914. The influence behind the effort was a passionate West Virginia woman named Anna Jarvis, who had secured the support of wealthy Philadelphia merchant John Wanamaker for […]

Racism, Sexism, Hate-Speech: Let’s level the playing field

What is this world coming to? While presenting a monologue on HBO in 2012, comedian Bill Maher called former republican governor Sarah Palin a “cunt “and “dumb twat”on national television. (excuse the graphic reference, it was necessary, for effect) What were Maher’s consequences? Laughs. No walk-out from women’s groups. No protests from feminists. No demand […]

Florida: Minimum-mandatory gun sentences need revamping

Minimum-mandatory sentencing sounds like a good idea, because it keeps judges from imposing lighter, or no sentences upon dangerous criminals. But while legislators hold judges feet to the fire with broad-brush mandatory sentencing laws, many decent, non-dangerous people are being victimized with excessive penalties that they don’t deserve. I would call upon the governor and […]


The missing Boeing 777 from Malaysia is the hot item in the news for the last two weeks, making one wonder what other important information about other developments – domestic and foreign – would normally be, but are not at the forefront. Be that as it may, this missing plane is a huge conundrum. And […]

Hillary as President? Heaven Forbid

It is mind boggling that the mainstream media, and the American electorate elevate political people to divine levels of love and respect based solely on image and exposure, but not on substantive achievements. Meanwhile, though red flags fly high, Americans ignore them as though they don’t even exist. Would someone please identify one major accomplishment in the […]

Swiss model helps curb heroin addiction

It’s sad that society rises to a level of sympathy and understanding only when death by drug addiction strikes the rich and famous. When poor Willie Smith is found behind the convenience store Dumpster at 5:00 a.m., lying dead with a needle in his arm, it gets zero attention by the news media. But when […]