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Oscar Predictions for 2014

The Oscar awards are around the corner, so it’s time for the annual predictions, let’s see how we do. Last year I missed one out of the top six categories, predicting Spielberg as Best Director for Lincoln, but he lost out to Ang Lee, for Life of Pi. I have yet to see one of […]

O’Reilly versus Obama: A Contentious Interview

Syndicated columnist Dana Milbank penned a recent article lambasting Bill O’Reilly for being unfair to President Obama in the now-famous Super Bowl Day interview. Not surprising, and certainly subjective. What Mr. Milbank failed to point out, is that good journalism strives to elicit truthful answers on important issues, and when the journalist is limited to […]

IRS Probe: A Disgraceful Investigation

 How do you hide from an obvious scandal?  Pretend it isn’t there and let the time run out the clock. Benghazi, Fast & Furious, harassing news agencies, and the IRS targeting select groups because of their conservative politics. The list goes on. When Nixon and Clinton were slammed with serious questions concerning possible crimes and […]

Blame Cronyism for Obamacare Website Disaster

As we all know, the launching of the Affordable Care Act was a colossal disaster. We won’t even talk about the content of the law and the incredible burden it has placed upon health care providers, insurance companies, and worst of all, American consumers. We’ll confine this article toward analyzing the web site boondoggle which […]

Fight over God in Pledge of Allegiance a Waste of Effort

Much ado is made about the Pledge of Allegiance, arguing whether the term “Under God” should or should not be recited. Religious folks insist on God being included. Nonreligious folks think it should be eliminated. Regardless of religious orientation, we are all Americans, taxpayers and loyalists, and many are veterans who fought for this country. […]