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Culture is Downstream of Politics

By Maggie Gallagher and Frank Cannon Walk into any room full of Christian conservative donors, and someone will say, “Politics is downstream of culture.” Every head in the room will nod. Nothing is more entrenched as conventional wisdom among Christian conservatives. Like most truisms, this one is only partly true. As people change their beliefs about what […]

What should Christians ask of the GOP nominee?

If Republicans win all three branches of government in 2016, what legislation will get passed? Economic growth, ending middle-class stagflation, reversing the debt divide in college students, repealing Obamacare. Into the policy mix, social conservatives have an important question to ask themselves: What is it we want for our country from a potentially historic GOP […]

Why Stick with Marriage?

My latest column on National Review is a response to two recent books by major family scholars Andrew Cherlin, and Isabel Sawhill–both of whom suggest we should give up on promoting marriage per se and promote stable committed relationships: I explain why that is not a practical suggestion: “In Generation Unbound, the Brookings Institution’s Isabel Sawhill […]