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Why Is It So Difficult To Define Anti-Semitism?

Even among those who condemn it, there is little consensus about what constitutes antisemitism. Is it disdain for Jews as a faith community or as a people? Is it motivated by hatred of doctrine or ethnicity? Antisemitism has been around since the dawn of Jewish history and yet the mainstream media only found it newsworthy […]

The Islamophobia Myth

Is there another people on earth against whom their murder, rape, and torture arouse enmity rather than empathy? There has been an undeniable surge in antisemitism over the last few decades that has far outstripped prejudice against any other minority group. And since Hamas’ horrific terror attack on October 7th and the war that followed, […]

Teaching and Celebrating Terrorism on Campus – One Professor’s View

What is taught at U.S. colleges is not higher education, it is academic fraud. In U.S. law, terrorists are unlawful combatants. Read on. Since Hamas’s bloody October 7th terror attack on Israeli civilians, American college campuses have erupted in demonstrations where students without any sense of decency or history chant antisemitic slogans that in past […]

Why Progressives Can’t Simply Condemn Anti-Semitism

Democrats demand the suppression of speech they disagree with, but they cannot seem to unify against crass antisemitism.  When Hamas attacked Israel in a genocidal pogrom targeting men, women, and children, it was not the start of a war with the traditional goals of strategic victory or conquest, but a war to annihilate the Jewish People. […]

‘Proportionality’ in Response to Terror — Anti-Semitism by Another Name

Though goodwill would be welcome from those who recognize the existential threats routinely faced by the Jewish nation, it’s not a prerequisite for the exercise of Israeli strength. So, Israel was attacked by Hamas on Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah, the last day of the high holiday season, in a devastating assault against civilians – and some […]

Confronting Anti-Semitism Takes a Strong Jewish Identity

In order to defend themselves, Jews must know who they are and where they come from. With the proliferation of antisemitism in politics, academia, and popular culture throughout North America and the West, some sectors of the Jewish community are particularly at risk, though not necessarily from physical harm or violence. Their scars cannot be […]

A President who Undermines Israel and Jews Who Support Him

The term “useful idiots” describes those who should know better than to support causes that threaten them but do so anyway. The adage “Hanlon’s Razor” states that one should “never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity” and aims to eliminate improbable explanations for human behavior. The term “useful idiots” describes those […]

Selective Outrage in Response to Antisemitism

Use of antisemitic clichés by progressives against strongly identified Jews has been ignored by the mainstream Jewish establishment. When Haredi Jews were recently characterized on an Israeli television program as “bloodsuckers” burdening society, many secular Americans nodded their heads in agreement, unperturbed by the use of imagery similar to that invoked by anti-Semites through the […]

The Mainstreaming of American Anti-Semitism

Not all hatreds are equal Bigotry in the U.S. is steadily declining against most minorities but drastically increasing against Jews. There’s no doubt that antisemitism is increasing in the United States while prejudice and hate crimes against other minorities are generally on the decline. This trend is reflected by US law enforcement statistics, but is […]

It’s Time to Bury the Two-State Delusion Once and for All

It remains an article of faith among western progressives that a Palestinian state will bring about Mideast peace; and some pundits wasted little time citing the recent murders of seven Israelis as proof (and by implication mitigating the culpability of the terrorists who killed them). But the two-state paradigm is based on the false assumptions that […]

Distinguishing Friend from Foe in Matters of Faith

There are multiple words for “enemy” in Hebrew, but two of the more intriguing ones in Tanakh are oyev (אוֹיֵב) and soneh (שׂוֹנֵא), each of which conveys a distinctive meaning and linguistic nuance. According to Rav Eliyahu ben Shlomo Zalman, the great eighteenth-century Torah sage known as the Vilna Gaon (or HaGra), an oyev seeks to cause physical or bodily harm, […]

Let’s Make This Clear: Jordan is Palestine

Listen, Palestinian Arabs, If you want to march, march on Jordan. The “Jordan-is-Palestine” option for resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict is an idea that, despite history and logic, was beaten into silence by Israel’s enemies and detractors. Critics denounced the concept as preposterous, reactionary and counterproductive. And yet, the idea has been resurrected from within Jordan […]

False Hysteria Over Israeli Democracy

Progressive critics, take note: the U.S. system at its core is not a pure democracy at all, but a constitutional republic. Before the dust settled and all votes were counted, the American liberal establishment began lamenting the death of Israeli democracy as Benyamin Netanyahu was poised to form the next government with a commanding number […]

My Grandparents’ Greatest Gift Was Their History

They believed in both their history and destiny as Jews. Loss of personal and collective Jewish identity in the USA pained them. As the war in Ukraine drags on longer than anyone thought possible, it seems Jewish history has become one of the unintended casualties. Though warfare against civilians should always be condemned, the willingness […]