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Marijuana users: Have withdrawal symptoms after quitting; Higher risk for stroke

Some heavy cannabis users experience withdrawal after quitting Twelve percent of frequent marijuana smokers experience cannabis withdrawal symptoms as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-5 (DSM-5), according to researchers at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health and Columbia University Irving Medical Center. The symptoms include emotional, behavioral and physical symptoms. […]

U.S. Attorney in Colorado may shut down pot shops. Here’s why.

Writing in the Denver Post, U.S. Attorney in Colorado, Bob Troyer, says you may see his counterparts begin to criminally prosecute licensed marijuana businesses and their investors. Colorado legalized marijuana in 2012 but has not gotten what proponents promised. Here’s what it’s gotten instead: Youth Youth marijuana use is 85 percent higher than the national average. […]

The Cannabis Conundrum: Steering Policy and Medicine with Insufficient Data

The current issue of the International Review of Psychiatry issues a call for marijuana regulatory science. An editorial introducing the issue notes that marijuana’s use as a medicine began with compassion for people with terminal or debilitating conditions for which no standard treatment existed but has expanded into multiple conditions which are neither life-threatening nor debilitating for […]

THC Found in Breast Milk Six Days After Marijuana Use

Marijuana study raises concerns about THC in breast milk up to six days after use A new study from researchers at the University of California, San Diego, finds THC is present in breast milk for up to six days after nursing mothers use marijuana. This is worrisome because THC, the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, […]

Senators Announce Bill to Protect States’ Legalization of Marijuana

One likes to think of policymaking as a deliberative process, one where legislators base their debates on scientific information to craft evidence-based bills. Au contraire, mes amis. For several years, an emerging marijuana industry has poured money into sponsoring ballot initiatives and lobbying state legislators to legalize marijuana. Industry’s money not only legalized pot for […]

Marijuana Industry Harming Babies? Not on Our Watch!

Two weeks ago, The Marijuana Report published a story (3rd article) about a new study showing that 70 percent of 400 Colorado dispensaries recommended marijuana to pregnant women for morning sickness. Scientific studies show the drug can harm the unborn when mothers use it. Today, the Marijuana Accountability Project (MAC) and Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) are hanging […]

Prenatal Marijuana Use Can Affect Infant Size, Behavior, Study Finds

We know that smoking cigarettes during pregnancy has negative effects on birth weights and is linked to health problems in childhood. Now, researchers have found that smoking marijuana can impact birth weights and lead to behavioral problems, and the effects are worsened when combined with tobacco use. Nearly 30 percent of women who smoke during […]

Calling BS on Marijuana Research + Video on Effects of Marijuana Legalization in Colorado

Politicizing Research? A slew of news articles flooded the print, broadcast, and internet media this week about two new studies published in Monday’s online issue of JAMA Internal Medicine. One study found that states with medical marijuana laws are associated with reductions in Medicare Part D opioid prescriptions, compared to states that do not have such laws. The […]

Once Pot Friendly North California County Bans Marijuana

Last week, Calaveras County’s new Board of Supervisors banned all marijuana cultivation within its boundaries. This rural county the size of Rhode Island has a population of 44,000. Financially challenged, it needed the money the previous Board thought legalizing cultivation would bring. That Board legalized marijuana cultivation for medical use in 2016 after a devastating […]

New Report on Impact of Legal Pot in Colorado Schools

This week, the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area released its fifth annual report titled The Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado: The Impact, Volume 5. We devote today’s issue of The Marijuana Report newsletter to highlighting a few of many significant findings the report contains. National Families in Action has remade some of the graphs and charts in […]

Legalizing Pot Is a Bad Way to Promote Racial Equality

Two opinion pieces published this week, today in the Wall Street Journal and Monday in USA Today (see next story), challenge one of the marijuana lobby’s favorite assertions, advanced by Senator Cory Booker as the basis for a federal marijuana legalization bill he introduced last week. Senator Booker’s bill, the Marijuana Justice Act, would encourage states to legalize pot for recreational […]

These College Students Lost Access to Legal Pot – And Started Getting Better Grades

The most rigorous study to date shows that college students in the Netherlands who are denied access to “cannabis cafes,” do better academically than their peers who are allowed to frequent them. The Dutch have permitted marijuana to be sold and consumed in cafes that are strictly regulated, may not sell other drugs or advertise, […]

Study: The Surprising Effect of Marijuana Legalization on College Students

Researchers from Oregon State University and the University of Michigan studied marijuana use among 10,924 college students at one large Oregon university and six other universities in states that have not legalized marijuana. Using data from the Health Minds Survey, they looked at marijuana use before and after Oregon legalized the drug for recreational use. […]

Medical Pot Laws = 1.1 Million New Adult Users

Researchers examined three national surveys spanning 20 years to determine whether illicit marijuana use and disorders increased among adults in states that passed medical marijuana laws compared to states that did not. They found that between 1991 and 2012, an additional 1.1 million adult illicit marijuana users and an additional 500,000 adults with a DSM-IV-diagnosed […]