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No, It’s Not Your 1st Amendment Right to ‘Talk Dirty’ to a Child by Dani Bianculli

Criminal laws must be updated to adapt to the new Internet community. Like any other community the Internet is a place for business, relationships, dating and unfortunately criminal activity, including the sexual exploitation and abuse of children. This is why the National Center on Sexual Exploitation has filed an amicus brief for a court case […]

Cosmopolitan Magazine ‘Pornifies’ Christmas by Lisa Thompson with Dani Bianculli

Few people following the news could have missed the controversy brewing around the Starbuck’s “Christmas” coffee cup. Conspicuously missing from the bright, red cup is any greeting referring to Christmas or any of the holidays associated with this time of year. Whether you take issue with the Starbucks cup or not, the issue that sparked […]

Where do the 2016 Presidential Candidates Stand on Sexual Justice?

In light of the public health crisis of pornography, rising rates of campus and military sexual assault, and the prominent issue of human trafficking, America needs a president who will stand for sexual justice. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) released the 2016 Presidential Candidates Survey on Sexual Exploitation today, in an effort to gauge […]

‘Protest for Dignity’ at Amnesty International

We organized the Washington, D.C. protest against Amnesty International yesterday while dozens of other protests happened at their other offices around the world. Amnesty’s new policy teaches men and boys that it is ok to buy women for sex and teaches women that they are just commodities. This policy increases demand for prostitution and sex […]

#NoAmnestyForPimps Campaign Launched

Why This Project, #NoAmnestyForPimps? Amnesty International has betrayed the cause of human rights through its looming policy in favor of decriminalizing prostitution. Decriminalizing prostitution is a gift to pimps, sex traffickers, and sex buyers that confers a right to buy and sell other human beings. Such policies would not protect the persons in prostitution, but […]

End Sexual Exploitation Movement Growing

I am excited to report that the 2nd Annual Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation was a complete success! Over 300 leading organizations and experts gathered to discuss not only the harms of sexual exploitation, but also the hope for our ability to make a positive difference. Attendees came to Orlando for this historic Summit from […]

Washington State Supreme Court Rules Against Backpage.com for Sex Trafficking

Recently, the Washington Supreme Court ruled in favor of three young women who sued Backpage.com after they were sex trafficked as minors on the website. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) praises this decision, which allows the lawsuit to proceed to trial. After the lawsuit was originally filed, Backpage filed a motion to dismiss […]

Women and Pornography – update from Whole Women Weekend

I had the opportunity to speak at a women’s weekend retreat yesterday, Whole Women Weekend, and had some eye opening experiences that I wanted to share. Yesterday, I connected deeply with many women. My second workshop had only eight women, but they opened up and shared their raw, unfiltered experiences with pornography. Lately, I have […]

Why Do People Cheat? The Link Between AshleyMadison and Pornography

Pornography and AshleyMadison are linked in more ways than you might suppose. As many of us now know, AshleyMadison is a website designed to help people cheat on their significant other without getting caught. Recently, a hacking group leaked the personal data of more than 30 million AshleyMadison users, exposing predominantly married men who have […]