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Human Rights Campaign Promotes CTRL+F for Pronouns

The leading backer of the misnamed Equality Act is our archrival, the equally misnamed Human Rights Campaign (HRC). The other day they put out guidance to Americans that before sending any electronic communication you should “first do a quick ‘CTRL+F’ and search for any incorrect pronoun use” to avoid “misgendering” the recipient. This would just […]

TAKE ACTION: Ask President Trump and AG Sessions to protect religious liberty [Video]

NOM has just released an important new video calling on all marriage supporters to sign our new petition to Attorney General Jeff Sessions to issue comprehensive rules to protect the religious liberty of people who support marriage, life and the truth of gender and ensure we are not targeted by the federal government because of […]

#FreeSpeechBus Tour Successful, Reveals Violence and Hate of LGBT Extremists

LGBT extremists did everything in their power to prevent us from completing the #FreeSpeechBus tour to promote a national conversation on the biological nature of gender – including engaging in violence, property damage and acts of intolerance, as well as coordinating with anarchist groups – but I’m pleased to say that we overcame them and […]