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VIDEO: Dianne Feinstein Is Trying (Again) To Ban the Most Popular Firearm in America

After all these years, Dianne Feinstein is still clueless about guns. “Dianne Feinstein, the anti-gun senator from California, took to Twitter to show just how clueless she really is on guns. She went down the road that every anti-gunner does and went after the always vilified AR-15.” —Grant  RELATED ARTICLES: Chuck Michel: Preliminary Wins […]

Don’t Say They Didn’t Warn You: Left Leaning Voices Question Democrats’ Anti-Gun Proposals, Fervor

If the 2020 Democrat presidential primary is any indication, that party’s base and donor class will accept nothing less from their nominee than commitments to sweeping gun control. And the contenders appear happy to accommodate them. No one doubts that the political hard left is unified around the idea of gun control in principle. But […]

VIDEO: Based on Crime Rates, Pro-2A Advocates Should Control the Narrative

Anti-gun advocates have claimed that the gun-rights lobby has been running rough-shod over our nation’s gun laws for thirty years. Interestingly enough, though, in those thirty years, gun crime has been on the decline.  RELATED ARTICLES: Mike Weisman: State Senator Smugly Calls for Confiscation Amy Swearer: Why Gun Control Is Wrong Response to Tragic […]

Florida Governor DeSantis Signs Law Protecting State Constitution Amendment Process

HB-5 Ballot Measure, Protects Florida’s Constitution from Outsiders HB-5 – Contains an amendment by Rep. James Grant (R) to restore the right of Floridians to control the Florida citizen ballot initiative petition process. The amendment is intended to stop out-of-state billionaires from crafting amendments to Florida’s Constitution, then sending paid, out-of-state petition gatherers into Florida […]

VIDEO: High-Capacity Mags Have Better Chance of Saving Lives? Research Suggests So.

J. Eric Dietz of the Homeland Security Institute joins Cam to discuss research that suggests higher-capacity magazines are more likely to save lives. Originally aired on Cam & Co 06/06/2019.  RELATED ARTICLES: Jeff Houston: The Dangers of Gun-Free Zones James Makowski: Lightening the Load on Michigan Gun Owners David Adams: Gov. Northam Calls Special Session […]

NRA Statement on Virginia Governor’s Gun Control Proposals

FAIRFAX, Va.–   The National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action’s director of public affairs, Jennifer Baker, released the following statement on Tuesday in reaction to Gov. Ralph Northam’s gun control proposals: “Gov. Northam is following the gun control playbook by exploiting a tragedy to push his failed political agenda.  The fact is none of […]

VIDEO: The Coward From Broward Is in Police Custody — Watch Andrew Pollack’s Reaction

It’s only been a day since the news broke regarding Scot Peterson’s arrest, but Parkland Dad Andrew Pollack is already praising the authorities’ call for accountability. RELATED ARTICLES: Chuck Michel: Background Checks on Ammo Coming to California Bill Behnke: Forced To Pack Up and Take Business Elsewhere Dave Kopel’s Deconstruction of Ammo Bans Is Genius […]

BREAKING: 1.4 Million Acres of Public Land Opened for Hunters, Anglers [Video]

U.S. Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt joins Cam to announce newly opened areas for hunters and fishers. Originally aired on Cam & Co 06/05/2019. RELATED ARTICLES: Guy Relford: Coward From Broward Arrested for Fatal Neglect Sean Maloney: Violent Crime in Cincinnati Stephen Halbrook: Salesforce Bans Customers Who Sell AR-15s

VIDEO: Hickenlooper’s Gun Control Laws in Colorado Were an Absolute Failure

As governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper passed all sorts of gun-control laws with the promise of lowering the violent crime rates. But he’s still trying to dodge the fact that violent crime went up by more than 30% since their passage. RELATED ARTICLES: Rep. Jim Lucas: The Public Will Always Need Protection Carrie Lightfoot: Female […]

Democrats Now Opposed to Safe Neighborhoods?

Ever since taking control of the U.S. House of Representatives, Democrats have been waging an unprecedented assault on the Second Amendment. Led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Cali.), the caucus has been an entity in virtual lock-step promoting a laundry list of today’s most popular anti-gun proposals. Whether it is banning semi-automatic firearms and placing limitations on […]

VIDEO: Colion Noir Calls Out Mayor Pete, Challenges Him to a Debate on Gun Rights

Colion Noir tells Pete Buttigieg that if he wants to explain his position on firearm freedom, he’s welcome to do so on NRATV: “So what say you, Mayor Pete? You always talk about wanting to civilize politics. Well, here’s your chance now to have a civil conversation about gun rights in this country. Are you […]

Trump Administration, Other Pro-Gun Heavyweights Lend Support on Pending Supreme Court Case

As NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox reported in March, the U.S. Supreme Court has taken up a challenge by an NRA state affiliate to a New York City gun control scheme that effectively prohibits lawfully licensed handgun owners from leaving the city with their own firearms. The plaintiffs in the case have raised a number […]

State of “Gun Violence” in the United States

Politicians treat so-called “gun violence” as a lever issue, hoping to energize their base and guilt law-abiding Americans into supporting policies that would have no effect on crime or help the mentally ill. Part of this effort entails presenting as large a number of fatalities as possible, and so researchers, the media, and anti-gun politicians combine suicide, […]

VIDEO: We Must Defend Our School Children From Evil

Grant Stinchfield talks to trainer and SWAT team member Quinn Cunningham about the school shooting in the Denver area and how to end such attacks.  RELATED ARTICLES:  John Lott: Schools That Allow Teachers to Carry Guns Are Extremely Safe Laura Carno: Keep Our Kids From Harm Guy Relford: Booker’s Unconstitutional Proposal EDITORS NOTE: This […]