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The Push for Universal Background Checks Is Nothing More Than a Worthless PR Stunt

“Despite the evidence showing that [anti-gunners’] number-one legislative priority doesn’t work, they’re still pushing it. Why? Because it polls well. They’re looking for a public-relations victory, not a public-safety victory.” —Cam Edwards RELATED VIDEOS: School Safety Should Be Based on Facts, Not Politics The Queen of Gun Control Re-Introduces New Flavor of “Assault Weapons” Ban […]

Florida Alert! Where Do Anti-Gun Legislators Get this Stuff?

Some newly elected anti-gun legislators can’t seem to resist the media spotlight. Like moths to a flame, some swoop in with anti-gun rants and dishonest, deceitful statements.   Most recently two newly elected anti-gun legislators issued false statements to media about guns. Rep. Margaret Good and Rep. Cindy Polo both gave disinformation to the media.  FIRST, REP MARGARET GOOD’S STATEMENT:  […]

Background Checks: No Impact on Criminals

We have seen a generation of gun-grabbers rise and fall. The new generation of gun-grabbers are pushing for the same tired and baseless policies that won’t so much as inconvenience criminals. We understand the emotional response to violence and the desire to “do something.” But that “something” has to be the right thing, a policy […]

VIDEO: We Will Never Cease To Fight To Protect Our Children’s Lives

“I’d like to see anyone tell me that, when their student’s on a third floor of a building and there’s a killer walking through that school, and there’s no one in between your student—your loved one, your child—and the killer that they’re not going to want that teacher to be trained and be able to […]

The American Way of Life Was Assaulted in the Murder of Cpl. Ronil Singh

During an early morning traffic stop in a small town near the Bay Area, everything we fight against came together in a perfect storm and led to the death of a man who symbolized everything we at NRATV stand for. The man in question was a police officer, a legal immigrant, a father and a […]

Gun Controllers Want Credit Card Companies to Monitor and Restrict Lawful Purchases

Gun controllers frustrated that their federal agenda has been repeatedly rejected by Americans through their elected representatives are seeking to restrict gun rights by way of the private financial system. The goal is to pressure financial services companies into either not doing business with the firearms industry and gun owners or to comprehensively surveille their […]

Getting Priorities Straight: House Democrats and the Public

Anti-gun organizations and their sycophants would have you believe that the 2018 midterm elections were a referendum on gun rights. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi “vows to fight” for “bipartisan, common sense” gun control and announced gun control “will be a priority” even before she had secured the Speaker’s gavel. The eagerness to curtail Constitutional rights isn’t […]

VIDEO: Parkland Father Andrew Pollack Is Leading the Charge for Safer Schools

Andrew Pollack: “Numerous Entities Failed My Daughter.” 10 Months After Parkland. Father of Meadow Pollack, Andrew Pollack, joins Grant to discuss his efforts to secure schools and protect our children 10 months after the Parkland massacre. EDITORS NOTE: This column with video is republished with permission. The featured image is from Andrew Pollack – Parkland Parent @meadowmovement […]

Misleading Headlines and the Murder Rate

We hear a lot about “fake news.” We regularly see data miscoded and statistics misused. What we have seen several times over the last several months does not really fit any of those categories. CBS News published an article last month with the headline, “Gun death statistics: CDC study says gun deaths are on the rise […]

News Flash: Michael Bloomberg Not a Fan of the First Amendment, Either

Michael Bloomberg, former NYC mayor and billionaire patron of the Nanny State, may be gearing up for the presidential race in 2020. He gave the idea of running as an independent candidate “serious consideration” in 2016, but ultimately decided against it. A recent Washington Post story on Mr. Bloomberg’s potential 2020 bid highlighted what it called his […]

VIDEO: Poll Reveals Majority of Americans Want To Alter the Second Amendment

President of the Institute for Liberty Andrew Langer joins Dana Loesch to weigh in.  RELATED ARTICLES: Russia Sends Nuclear-Capable Bombers to Venezuela Showdown in the Oval Office A Warning to New Mexico Gun Owners Conservatism Facing Erasure From Georgia Campus EDITORS NOTE: This column with video and images is republished with permission. The featured […]

Guns and Taxes

David Hogg wants a federal tax on firearms and ammunition. He has repeatedly broached the idea, including multiple times on Twitter, and only sometimes suggests a use for the tax revenue. Hogg’s tweets on a federal gun tax include references to implementing the same sort of licensing and permitting requirements as the government requires to […]