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VIDEO: Parkland Dad Reflects on Feelings of Loss, Motivation to Make Change

“February 14th—we live it every day. I don’t need February 14th to remind me that my daughter was murdered on that day… But we’ve been [working] non-stop in Broward since this murder.” —Andrew Pollack RELATED ARTICLES: Parkland Student Activist, Father of Victim Reflect on a Year Fighting for School Safety A Year Since Parkland Shooting, […]

VIDEO: In Non-Apology for Anti-Semitism, Ilhan Omar Attacks NRA Members

“Ilhan Omar learned nothing from her last apology. And she keeps saying this crazy stuff. And why even bring the NRA into it? Which by the way, the NRA has a lot of Jewish members. FYI… we’re trying to calm the hate down, not fan the flames.” –Dana Loesch Send an Email To Congressional Democrats! […]

House to Move Forward with Ineffective Gun Control Proposals

On Wednesday, gun owners got to see what a Nancy Pelosi controlled Congress looks like as the House Judiciary Committee held its first gun control hearing in nearly a decade. Things went as one would expect. While the hearing was labeled “Preventing Gun Violence: A Call to Action,” it was intended to be the legislative […]

VIDEO: Cory Booker And The Socialists Want To Disarm You

“The socialist wave continues, and Spartacus has entered the ring. New Jersey Senator Cory Booker announced his candidacy this morning and added his name to a list of candidates that is anticipated to be so long that, well, maybe it will fit on a CVS receipt. Maybe it won’t. Senator Booker is known for showing […]

VIDEO: The Disarmament Primary Is Gearing Up for Its Own Spartacus Moment

“Booker announced bright and early this morning that he’s running for president. We all know he was running months ago when he started grandstanding during the Kavanaugh hearings. Spartacus showed his true beliefs back then: He’s another gun-grabbing, Trump-despising liberal who’s out for power at all costs.” —Grant Stinchfield EDITORS NOTE: This NRA-ILA column with […]

Florida Alert! Universal Background Checks, a Path to Gun Confiscation

HB 135 – Transfers of Firearms by Rep. Margaret Good (D) prohibits the TRANSFER of a firearm from one law-abiding citizen to another without first having a background check performed by a licensed firearms dealer.   Transfer means sale, giving, lending, renting, or simply handing a firearm to another person or any action that causes […]

VIDEO: State-Owned Fairgrounds Ban Gun Shows, Infringe on Both 2A and 1A Rights

“Because of all the political rhetoric flooding the country and this fixation on spreading as much propaganda as possible about the Second Amendment, anti-gun advocates on the fairgrounds’ board of directors decided that it would just be great to ban all gun shows.” —Dana Loesch

Oklahoma! Musical Producers Take Anti-gun Pandering Clear Up to the Sky

The entertainment industry’s virtue-signaling is as high as an elephant’s eye and it looks like it’s climbing clear up to the sky. The world of musical theater isn’t exactly known for its depictions of graphic violence that glorify the misuse of firearms. However, that doesn’t mean Broadway is content to be left out of Hollywood’s […]

Governor Noem Signs NRA-backed Constitutional Carry Bill

Fairfax, Va. – The National Rifle Association today applauded South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem for signing into law Senate Bill 47, NRA-backed legislation that fully recognizes the constitutional right of law-abiding gun owners to carry a concealed firearm. “On behalf of the NRA’s five-million members, we would like to thank Governor Noem for her leadership on […]

VIDEO: In a Plot To Blast Trump, the AP Accidentally Exposes the Failures of “May Issue” Permits

“This idea of ‘May Issue’ is offensive, and the Associated Press just unknowingly made a great case why may issue should be ruled unconstitutional.” —Grant Stinchfield RELATED VIDEOS: Tony Shaffer: The World Versus Nicolas Maduro Kirsten Gillibrand Is a Hypocrite and a Fraud on Gun Rights

U.S. Supreme Court (Finally) Takes Another Second Amendment Challenge to a Gun Control Law

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear a Second Amendment challenge to a gun control law for the first time in nearly 10 years. Arguments in the case will likely be heard during the court’s next term, which starts in October. During the opening decade of the 21st Century, the U.S. Supreme Court issued […]

Keep Telling Your Members of Congress to Oppose “Universal” Background Check Bills

On January 8, two bills were introduced in Congress to impose so-called “universal” background checks. The bills, H.R. 8 and S. 42, are being misleadingly described as simply requiring background checks on all sales of firearms, but this is just a small part of what these overbroad pieces of legislation would do. A vote on this gun control legislation […]

An Elementary Student Claims a Square Root Symbol Looks Like a Gun, Mayhem Ensues

“Why isn’t the student who used his First Amendment right to make a comment about something the Second Amendment protects on every nightly news cycle, being made into a hero? Why haven’t we heard the words ‘square root student’ trending?” —Dana Loesch RELATED ARTICLE: Gun Phobic: Liberal Media Calls Armed Gunman an ‘Unwanted House Guest’ […]

The Push for Universal Background Checks Is Nothing More Than a Worthless PR Stunt

“Despite the evidence showing that [anti-gunners’] number-one legislative priority doesn’t work, they’re still pushing it. Why? Because it polls well. They’re looking for a public-relations victory, not a public-safety victory.” —Cam Edwards RELATED VIDEOS: School Safety Should Be Based on Facts, Not Politics The Queen of Gun Control Re-Introduces New Flavor of “Assault Weapons” Ban […]

Florida Alert! Where Do Anti-Gun Legislators Get this Stuff?

Some newly elected anti-gun legislators can’t seem to resist the media spotlight. Like moths to a flame, some swoop in with anti-gun rants and dishonest, deceitful statements.   Most recently two newly elected anti-gun legislators issued false statements to media about guns. Rep. Margaret Good and Rep. Cindy Polo both gave disinformation to the media.  FIRST, REP MARGARET GOOD’S STATEMENT:  […]