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North Korean Voters Unanimous: We Are The 100%!

In a devastating counter-punch to all deniers and non-believers, North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un has won an unparalleled victory today, being re-elected with 100% votes and 100% turnout, which gives him an undisputed mandate to fundamentally transform his country into an even more democratic people’s republic. In the United States, the Democratic Party […]

Russia’s aggression prompts other nations to change names

Vladimir Putin’s recent intervention in Ukraine on the pretext of defending the ethnic Russian population has forced other former Soviet republics to look for ingenious ways to protect their own sovereignty from similar moves. On Monday, the Parliament of Kazakhstan, with a 25% ethnic Russian population and a 4,660 mile-long border shared with Russia, voted […]

Ukraine, Putin and Propaganda

Cliff Kincaid of America’s Survival interviewed me last night about the revolution in Ukraine, the People’s Cube, Putin, Obama, and more. Putin’s anti-American and anti-Semitic propaganda gives the Ukrainian protesters the Tea Party treatment and sets up the US foreign policy for a defeat. Unfortunately, some in the American right-wing media fall for the Kremlin’s paranoid narrative and regurgitate […]

Vladimir Putin’s Amazing Superpowers

Did you know that the boy whom Putin once kissed learned to fly? Or that Putin can browse the Internet with an abacus? Or that on his birthday critics drop dead from thinking bad thoughts about Putin?Each year spent in the Kremlin makes the Motherland’s President stronger, endowing him with more superpowers unbeknownst to man. […]

Obama sings ‘Crimea River’ and other greatest hits

THE PROGRESSIVE’S 8-STEP GUIDE TO FOREIGN POLICY VIA STRONG DIPLOMACY: 1. Announce that the country’s behavior is unacceptable. 2. Should they continue behaving unacceptably, we tell them that their unacceptable behavior cannot be allowed to continue. 3. Should the unacceptable behavior continue anyway, then we tell them that we really mean what we said. 4. […]

Difference Between God And Obama

Last night the most trending hashtag on Twitter was #DifferenceBetweenGodAndObama. Our Twitterer-in-Chief, Comrade General Secretary, posted these contributions, only scratching the surface: God didn’t have a “Previous Administration” to blame On the seventh day God rested; Obama rested for the other six God spake unto Moses; Obama spake unto giggling college students God commanded not to […]

Victory for Ukrainian Revolution

Ukrainian revolution has won today and it’s very emotional for me, since that is where I was born and raised. eighty-two protesters are dead, the president is running, government thieves are being hunted down and brought to justice, communist party headquarters ransacked, and all remaining statues of Lenin and other communist leaders torn down all […]

Bill Whittle’s “Destination: Russia” video uses People’s Cube image

Bill Whittle’s new video on Russian Olympics is quite insightful – and not just because it’s using the People’s Cube graphic at the end of the 7-minute episode. Incidentally, the PJTV logo in the corner of the screen is also something we did some years ago when they just started.   [youtube]http://youtu.be/Bkp4QgrZSAQ[/youtube]   With the world’s eyes […]

BREAKING: US Female Olympian Foils Terror Attack in Sochi, Wins Gold

C. Blogunov is in Sochi, Russian Federation, reporting for the People’s Cube, ensuring all sports receive equal coverage, and indulging in bad sports puns. Today we interview Betty-Mae Ferguson, daughter of Olympic legend Lamar Ferguson. In today’s extraordinary events, she made history by winning gold for the United States for the first time in the women’s […]

Rejoice! You have been liberated by the Red Army!

Last week Samantha Power, who once discussed invading Israel and now serves as Obama’s Ambassador to the United Nations, decided to use the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by the Red Army to link it to the Syrian Civil War: “In 1945, Russian soldiers liberated Auschwitz. Sixty-nine year later, if the United Nations is to live […]

Huffington Post links The People’s Cube to Koch Brothers

Dear Comrades! Today, the Huffington Post tied The People’s Cube to the Koch Brothers. As a result, there is now a Thepeoplescube category on the HuffPost website. Koch Brothers Group Turns Obama Into Stalin In Facebook Ad The Koch brothers-backed Americans for Prosperity is not being subtle about its Obama-is-a-communist message, as Talking Points Memo reports. The conservative […]