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Soviet Posters + American Pin-ups = 2014 Olympics Calendar

When a young illustrator from Moscow, Andrei Tarusov, decided to picture how the Winter Olympics might have looked in the old USSR if the erstwhile Soviet government hadn’t been so zealous in suppressing the sexuality of its citizens, he let his imagination run wild. The result was an off-the-wall calendar that creatively combined Soviet propaganda poster art with […]

Global Warming-Cooling Explained

In cold years like these, climate change deniers always ask a trick question: “How come global warming can cause both heating and cooling?” The answer is actually quite simple. We all know that sometimes it’s hot as Hell*, and sometimes it’s cold as Hell. Clearly, Hell can make it hotter or colder. The science is […]

Civil Rights Leaders Appalled by Obama’s Racism

In separate interviews with civil rights icons Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, both men called on President Obama to apologize for his “overtly racist” comments in criticizing Rush Limbaugh and FOX News. “It’s like we get the first African-American president,” stated a visibly disappointed Jesse Jackson, “and he goes out spewing all this racist hatred about […]

SHOCK VIDEO: Ukrainian police torture, humiliate arrested activist

Shocking police brutality in Kiev, Ukraine. Government special police force “Berkut” beat up and humiliate an arrested activist on Grushevsky Street. The man, wearing a “Ukrainian cossack” haircut, is severely beaten with bruises and lacerations all over his naked body. The police stripped him to his socks in 25 degrees F weather, scream insults, and […]

50 Ways to Celebrate Michelle Obama’s Birthday

Comrades, our beloved First Lady’s 50th birthday is today, or tomorrow, or some time this weekend. But whenever it is, we can make every day her birthday by doing the exact same stuff she does! I present for your consideration the following link from ABC News: 50 Ways to Celebrate Michelle Obama’s Birthday First Lady Michelle […]

Obama’s Uncle Probably Not Fed To Hungry Dogs

Earlier media reports that President Obama executed his half-uncle Onyango Obama by feeding him to hungry dogs are probably not true, a new report says. The original story, which grotesquely claimed that Barack Obama’s half-uncle and half-aunt, Onyango (Omar) Obama and Zeituni “Auntie” Onyango, had been thrown into a cage and eaten alive by a pack of ravenous […]

Top Twelve Things that Didn’t Happen in 2013

Here are our Top Twelve Things that Didn’t Happen in 2013: November designated Ignorance Awareness Month; apathetic public doesn’t care Space-time expansion accelerates; clock faces change to 13 hours Y2K finally kicks in, is blamed for healthcare.gov glitches Rhetoric reaches tipping point, grows exponentially, hits wall, goes over cliff, crashes and burns Newer Testament released, […]

The 2013 wrap-up: Republicans’ Hunger Games

Our friend, Mary Grabar, Ph.D., wraps up the year for The People’s Cube kollektive with this cultural fantasy. Consider 2013 the year of the Apocalypse, as movie-goers spend the last of their dollars on a dramatization of a teen novel and its sequel with futuristic gladiatorial contests. The doomsday atmosphere is, no doubt, brought about by the […]

God Responds to Lawsuit Against the Word “Sin”

“I would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me. We are all created by the Almighty and like Him, I love all of humanity. We would all be better off if we loved God and loved each other.” – Intolerant, bigoted hick, Phil Robertson With the fires barely extinguished on […]

Miss Duck Dynasty? Try QUACK DYNASTY with the Obamas

Since A&E’s Duck Dynasty proved to be a lot more popular with Americans than their messianic president, the A&E Network is now working on a substitute series that will be just like the indefinitely suspended Duck Dynasty, only with the Obamas – a progressive Washington family running a growing government business out of the White […]

Duck Dynasty’s Robertson Angers Alcoholics, Philanderers

Phil Robertson’s recent controversial comments have drawn criticism from a wide spectrum of offended minorities. Most inflammatory in his remarks was this infamous passage: “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men…Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the […]

US & UK Create New State of Kidnapistan in Southern Syria

The USSA and her subsidiary, the United Socialist Kingdom, have formed a new state in territory formerly held by the reactionary imperialist regime of Syria, which will henceforth be known as the Islamic Socialist Republic of Kidnapistan. Once the Jihadi Salafists were categorized as a minority group in Syria, they immediately became eligible for special protection, similar […]