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Plutocrats of the world, unite!

Google! Facebook! Twitter! The biggest names in big business corporate hegemonic rule. My fellow plutocrats, we have arrived. It’s a beautiful thing. We oozed out of the slime and muck and furtively fed our bellies in the safety of shadows. Now, like a monster octopus, we spread our arms over the world and squeeze. And […]

13 Russians and 63 million Trump Voters Indicted

Mueller charges 13 Russian nationals, formerly known as Trump fans, and 63 million Americans, for meddling in US elections by voting for the wrong candidate. The Justice Department announced the indictment of 13 “Russian nationals,” aka Trump fans who’ve been observed consuming Russian dressing, for meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Intelligence estimates show there are tens of millions of Trump […]

Why and how we must fight to subdue FacebookGoogleTwitter

Just last week I read a story by John Hawkins, How Conservatives Are Being Destroyed by Facebook, Twitter and Google Without Even Realizing It, where the author announced that he’d been forced to shut down his Right Wing News website and explained that in today’s social media environment, a conservative’s chances to get a political website […]

Experts: Government Shutdown May Have Caused Human Combustion

In one of the most controversial and destructive acts of his presidency, Donald Trump, the worst Republican president since Hitler, shut down the government! This is bad news for all Americans according to several government agencies. Senior accountant of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, Fred “Nonpartisan” Phelps, says the shutdown may cost the average American […]

Soviet-style abuse of psychiatry is now practiced in the U.S.

American progressives have been enamored with many Soviet ideas in their time, trying to transplant them to the U.S. — from government diktat and central planning to academic indoctrination and propaganda through entertainment. And while the Soviet Union has gone the way of the dodo, its glorious socialist legacy is still up for the picking. One of […]

Bill Kristol Discovers His Inner Comrade

Bill Kristol posted that he has embraced his Inner Socialist. Kristol is a political analyst and commentator, and the founder and editor-at-large of the The Weekly Standard. He is also one of Obama’s favorite “conservatives.” He and Obama broke bread at the home of syndicated columnist George Will. Among the guests were Bill Kristol, New York Times columnist David […]

American Gyno-Stalinism on the ruins of Shagadelic Utopia

The sexual revolution is now officially devouring its own children. Something’s rotten in the fairy-tale kingdom of progress. It is crumbling like the magical land of Fantastica after people stopped believing in it. Progs are melting like toons under the green shower of Judge Doom. Is our never-ending narrative finished? Comrade Red Square investigates. Comrades! […]

EEOC defines women’s perfume as non-verbal sexual assault

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), a federal agency that administers and enforces civil rights laws against workplace discrimination, has recently amended its guidelines on sexual harassment by adding women’s perfume as an especially hazardous subcategory of invisible sexual assault. Please amend your guidelines with the following insert. With definitive and clearly restrictive City, County, State […]

Democrats mourn the impending suicide of Donna Brazile

Democrat insiders have expressed their concern about the wellbeing of former Democratic National Committee Chair, Donna Brazile, stating that it is only a matter of time before she joins Vince Foster in taking her own life under suspicious circumstances. Brazile’s apparent suicidal ideation lead her to write “Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-Ins and […]