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VIDEO: Five ways the FAIRtax Curtails Tax Cheats

The FAIRtax improves upon major factors that bear upon compliance. To understand how it does so, policy makers need to look at the several factors that bear upon compliance – both fraud and non-fraud – from the scholarly research.  The five most important of these are as follows: the number of taxpayers in relation to […]

Florida: Palm Beach Gardens Politician violates Term Limits — Seeks 5th Term

In spite of a new voter-approved term limits law that was approved by nearly 80 percent of the vote, 4-term incumbent Vice Mayor David Levy is running for his fifth consecutive election to the Palm Beach Gardens City Council. The 2014 law, which is retroactive, limits council members to two consecutive elections to the council. […]

Rubio: Congress Won’t Pass Term Limits — We need an Article V Convention

GOP presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio is tired of relying on Congress to vote for term limits. “You’re never going to get (term limits) from Congress,” he told a town hall meeting in Iowa. Instead, Rubio believes citizens must use an amendment-proposing convention of the states to make term limits a reality. “I will put the full […]

Palm Beach Gardens political math: 4 + 1 = 2 terms

That politicians can be shameless should be no surprise, but sometimes the brazenness of their efforts to hold on to their pedestals (and stipends) can still be jaw-dropping. Case in point: Palm Beach Gardens Vice Mayor David Levy. In Palm Beach Gardens in 2014, 79 percent of the voters in this northern Palm Beach County […]

Florida: Osceola County Republican Executive Commitee endorses Term Limits Convention

In an overwhelming voice vote, the Osceola Republican Executive Committee on Nov. 19 passed a resolution urging the Florida legislature to officially call for the Congressional term limits convention. Their action follows a similar lopsided (79-1) endorsement from the Palm Beach County REC in October. The resolutions are particularly potent after the Term Limits Convention […]

Congress has no problem holding these men to a term limit, but refuses to limit itself by Nick Tomboulides

I bet you didn’t know that most members of Congress do support term limits. The catch is, these limits apply only to the president’s tenure – not their own careers. Under Article V of the Constitution, Congress has the power to introduce and vote on any constitutional amendment, which is then brought before the states for ratification. […]