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Florida: Pinellas County Commissioner Roche Stands with Voters on Term Limits

Distinguishing himself from his corrupt peers, Pinellas County Commissioner Norm Roche is launching his first re-election campaign with a promise to abide by the county’s voter-approved 8-year term limits. As reported earlier, Pinellas is the only county in Florida that refuses to enforce its county commission term limits, even after the unanimous 2012 Supreme Court decision that such […]

Florida: Court collision pushing Pinellas Term Limits case toward Supreme Court

Crash! The April 16 decision by the Florida 2nd District Court of Appeals excusing Pinellas County from enforcing its voter-approved 8-year county commission term limits law collided head on with a 2011 decision from the 4th DCA which required that they be enforced. Indeed, after the Florida Supreme Court unanimously affirmed the 4th DCA decision, every county […]

Florida’s Term Limits under attack: Grimsley and the petty arrrogance of power

Following the lead attack by Rep. W. Keith Perry (R-Gainesville), Sen. Denise Grimsley (R-Sebring) has launched the second salvo against Florida’s voter-initiated and -approved 8-year term limits law. Last week, Grimsley introduced a slightly different Senate version of Perry’s bill to weaken the legislative term limits from eight to 12 years. Surely she recalls the […]

FL Rep. Keith Perry’s attack on term limits stirs controversy in his hometown

In Sunday’s Gainesville Sun, I make the case in an op-ed that Rep. Keith Perry’s (R-Gainesville) bill to weaken Florida term limits from eight to 12 years is an effort to benefit legislators at the expense of citizens. “The results during Florida’s term limits era have been good. Legislatures are like marriages, in that they are all dysfunctional […]

ACTION ALERT: “Keep 8-Year Term Limits” bumper stickers now available for free!

Polling suggests an overwhelming majority of Floridians opposed the weakening of our state’s voter-approved term limits from eight to 12 years. Nonetheless, Gainesville Republican Rep. Keith Perry has introduced new legislation to do just that. His personal interest as a legislator apparently is a higher priority than your interests as a citizen. Floridians spoke in […]