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Why Vaxxed Pilots Should Not Fly

NOTE: This article originally appeared on the DarwinNationalReview.com, on November 10th, 2021 Incident 1: As an American Airline plane was descending towards southwest Florida, the pilot in command (PIC) began convulsing and had a cardiac arrest. While the plane was on autopilot, the co-pilot pulled the PIC from his seat and tried to administer CPR. […]

VIDEO OF THE REVOLUTION: China Has Erupted–Sinoruption!

On October 1, 1949, Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong declared the creation of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). On October 1, 2022, 73 years later, we may we witnessing a second revolution that could lead to a China Republic of the People (CRP). Watch this videos: China Has Erupted – REVOLUTION! by The China Show Chinese […]

Communist China Fracturing & The Chinese People Rising

“If you do not dismantle the CCP they will come to you, sooner or later.” — Allen Zeng. Allen Zeng has set up radio stations beaming real news into Communist China reaching many millions. Please visit Sound of Hope. The below video documents the beginning of fracture in the brutal Chi-Com tyranny. The bloody CCP is already here Dear Friends. […]


FORWARD BY P. BROOKS LTC Theresa Long, USA, MD has documented such grotesquely aberrant disease outcomes, from forced administration of the deadly injections in the US Army Aviation population – a notably healthy group – as to be Prima Facie Evidence of a Major Criminal Conspiracy implicating US Army & DoD leadership, injection manufacturers, federal […]

VIDEO: Highways in The Sky—Aviation On The Road Ahead

 Highways in The Sky from Jorj Baker on Vimeo. It can now be revealed how air transportation became so flawed – that two nominally qualified pilots were so spatially unaware, as to literally fly a serviceable, modern airliner into the ocean, despite installation of quote “Terrain Avoidance” Warning Systems (TAWS) unquote, which were functioning […]

What is The Frankfurt School?

NOTE: Posted by P. Brooks If you have read the essays on “Cultural Marxism at the US Naval Academy” you should be quite concerned that our future naval officers are being subjected to psychological intimidation and indoctrination by behavioral psychologists and clinicians whose methods descend from Wilhelm Wundt [1]. The facilitators and civilian professors in […]

The Historical Roots of Political Correctness

“The highest art in the world cannot guild socialism. It is impossible to make beautiful, the denial of liberty.” — Auberon Edward William Molyneux Herbert, British writer, theorist, philosopher, and 19th century individualist. Posted by P. Brooks. America as a nation, is now dominated by an alien system of beliefs, attitudes and values, become known […]

The Crossroads of Collectivism: Trump Tax Plan, Laffer Curve and Reagan & Thatcher Prosperity in the US & UK

Collectivist States seek Total State Power by Force, Political Action & Economic Means. Once a State controls the Means of Production & Distribution it quickly controls the Wealth of the People. Under Compulsion, Liberty evaporates & horrid enormities occur as the State purges Citizens refusing surrender. These ill effects are the same regardless of which […]