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The Lessons of Donald J. Trump

With the 2016 presidential “debates” now behind us, it becomes more and more apparent that it’s time for Republicans to reevaluate their process for selecting presidential candidates.  While the recent Trump snafu… in which he is caught on tape suggesting that if you’re rich and famous you can get away with grabbing unsuspecting women by […]

The Obama Eligibility Question – Part II

In Part I of this series we discussed the way in which the Framers indicated that the terms “citizen” and “natural born Citizen” were mutually exclusive, not synonymous.  And we discussed the all-important significance of the phrase, “or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution…” in Article […]

The Natural Born Citizen – What the Founders Intended [Part 1]

As the nation enters the final days of the 2016 presidential election, Democrats have once again resurrected the “birther” issue, charging that Republican candidate Donald Trump is somehow unfit to serve because he once raised questions about Barack Obama’s presidential eligibility.  That being the case, it behooves us to unveil the truth in terms that […]

Hillary’s Risky KKK Gambit

At an August 25 rally in Reno, Nevada, Hillary Clinton made what was a feeble attempt at blunting Donald Trump’s outreach to African American voters.  In her remarks she referred to recent news reports in which former Klansman David Duke is said to have endorsed Trump’s candidacy.  Attempting to cast doubt on Trump’s sincerity, she […]

Political Correctness Taints the Rio Olympics

The opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games are always a breathtaking spectacle.  With each Olympic experience, one wonders what great technical and artistic miracles special effects technicians will produce for future Olympic ceremonies.  This year we were told that we could also look forward to seeing the greatest Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps… the […]

The Passion of Political Movements

Since the early years of the Great Depression in the late 20s, the United States has witnessed four great political movements in which the principal outcome of the movement was a lasting imprint on our political and cultural history. The first of these was the Roosevelt administration and its signature program, the New Deal… a […]

The Dance of the Muslim Stoat

In a January 29, 2016 article for Frontpage Magazine, titled “The Hypnotic Dance of Death,” Russian expatriate Alexander Maistrovoy compares the hypnotic dance of a small Siberian carnivore to the “dance of death” that Islamists use to mesmerize western political leaders. Maistrovoy describes a small Siberian animal, the stoat, which, although tiny by comparison to […]

Donald Trump keeps charging — Ted Cruz keeps denying

Senator Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz (R-TX), a leading candidate for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, was born on December 22, 1970, at the Foothills General Hospital in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  His parents were Eleanor Elizabeth (Wilson) Cruz, a U.S. citizen, born in Wilmington, Delaware, and Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, a native of Matanzas, Cuba. Cruz’s Canadian […]

Money: The Root of All Evil?

A recent email from a California reader, under the subject line, “The Continuing Demonization of Cash,” caused me to recollect several of my favorite paragraphs from Ayn Rand’s epic novel, Atlas Shrugged.  Published in 1960, Atlas Shrugged was a greater predictor of post-Obama America than anything ever written, and any freedom-loving American who has not […]

What Every American Should Know

Every American should already be familiar with Rule No. 1 in the Democrat Party playbook, a rule that tells Democrats that whenever they are caught doing something that is either illegal or unethical… or whenever party policies or favored programs result in unpleasant consequences for the American people… they should always begin by blaming Republicans.  […]