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Democratic Treachery

As we enter the preliminaries for the 2016 presidential election, Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media… including such heretofore “fair-minded” journalists as Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday… are trotting out their favorite “gotcha” questions, reserved exclusively for Republican candidates.  To date, their two favorites are: “Are you personally opposed to gay Americans […]

Lest We Forget

Never in American history has a national leader served under a darker cloud of suspicion than Barack Hussein Obama.  Was he born in Hawaii or in Kenya?  He has two completely unique birth certificates; which is legitimate and which is a forgery?  How many aliases and Social Security numbers has he used?  Is his draft […]

Winning Life’s Lottery

I realize that it may be a bit un-cool to dwell too much on one’s own life experiences, but I have a point to make and I hope that I will be forgiven for doing so. I was born in 1933, in St. Louis County, Missouri, in the midst of the Great Depression.  My parents, […]

Republicans and Election Reform

Now that Republicans have working majorities in both houses of Congress, the American people can once again enjoy the benefits of the constitutional republic that the Founders designed for us.  Right?  Well, not so fast.  To expect the current crop of congressional Republicans to do what is necessary to restore constitutional government and repair the […]

Dr. Carson Meets the Press

Now that a new Fox News poll shows Dr. Ben Carson tied for first place with former Florida governor Jeb Bush among all potential 2016 Republican presidential nominees, it’s time that he prepared himself for a full scale assault by the mainstream media and by the same establishment Republicans who nominated George H.W. Bush, Bob […]

Now For the Bad News

An article by Christopher Carson in the April 27 edition of Daily Mailer.FrontPage, titled, A Mad Max Nation with No Electrical Grid, is enough to scare the bejabbers out of anyone. In predicting what America would be like during a major outage of our electrical grid, Carson tells us: “It’s been one year since a […]

Black Anger: Who’s to Blame?

On the night of February 26, 2012, in Sanford, Florida, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, a black high school student from Miami, was shot to death during an unprovoked attack on neighborhood watch coordinator George Zimmerman, a 28-year-old mixed-race Hispanic.  The incident occurred when Martin became concerned that his movements were being observed by a person or […]

On the Road to Dictatorship

In a speech before the City Club of Cleveland on March 18, 2015, Barack Obama put into words what, until now, he has only allowed himself to dream about.  In his remarks, he launched into a diatribe on how he would choose to run U.S. elections… if only he could dictate his own terms. According […]

The Founders’ Worst Fears

As the Founding Fathers met at Independence Hall in Philadelphia in 1778, producing word-for- word the greatest governing document in all of recorded history, they were haunted by a number of major concerns.  Among their most critical concerns was the long term sustainability of the constitutional republic they were creating.  How could they prevent it […]

Hands Off the Secret Service

Each time we witness a disaster or a scandal of one kind or another, especially those involving politicians or government agencies, we find Monday morning quarterbacks pounding the table, shouting, “Somebody do something!”  That is certainly true of the latest mini-scandal involving the once-vaunted Secret Service, a government agency with a long and storied history […]

Pinning the Tail on the Democratic Party Donkey

Two recent outrages following the 50th anniversary “Black Sunday” march in Selma, Alabama, require a pointed response to Democrats.  First, a photograph of Barack Obama leading a march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma is minus its most distinguished participant, George W. Bush.  The photo appearing on page one of the March 8 edition of […]

Barack Obama and “Bloody Sunday”

Rarely do I wait with anticipation to hear what Barack Obama has to say on any subject.  After more than six years of his political presence we’ve come to expect that we can place little faith in anything he might say on any subject because he has a totally different view of what otherwise reasonable […]

Obama’s Grand Plan?

On October 25, 2014, I published a column titled, “Barack Obama: Grand Caliph of Islam,” in which I conjectured that Obama’s long term career goal, after completing his second term in the Oval Office, may be to return to the land of his forefathers and, within a few short years, run for president of Kenya.  […]

The Black Reagan

On February 15, 2013, I published a column titled “The Black Reagan,” in which I compared Dr. Benjamin Carson, former Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Medical Center, in Baltimore, to Ronald Reagan, the most beloved president of the 20th century.  Now, as we approach the 2016 presidential campaign, we find Dr. Carson launching his […]