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COVID: The Greatest Weapon Against Freedom

Since about March of 2020, the world has been enthralled and rolled over the Sars CoV-2 virus otherwise known as COVID-19. We, the public, the citizenry of the world including here in the USA wondered how this could have happened and where this virus came from. Early on we heard rumors that it started in […]

An American Weekend

As I write this, it’s the beginning of the weekend. An American weekend. It’s not the heart of summer. It’s not a holiday. But it’s a celebration in any event. It’s an American weekend. Americans will be out mowing their laws, doing maintenance on their homes, working on their cars, spending time with family, friends […]

America Has A Problem

You hear it everywhere.  You hear it from just about everyone.  This November’s elections are the Most Important In Our Nation’s History. Don’t they say that about EVERY election? Well, there is some truth to the hyperbole, however.  Every election IS important.  Every election counts.  And I mean every election, down to local Dog Catcher.  […]

The Morning Light

It’s a Saturday morning and I am out doing my week end rounds.  But it’s a little different from a typical Saturday.  The morning sunlight is just amazing. We are at that time of year when the sun is lower in the sky and after a few days of rain and wind, the air and […]

What America Really Means

We are coming up on the one year anniversary of the election of President Donald J. Trump. A man that, in many ways, typifies America. Mr. Trump proved the old fashioned notion that parents used to tell their children. You or anybody can be President of the United States of America. Immigrants often told their […]

Too Rich To Tax

There is an argument going on in Washington, D.C. that affects each and every one of us.  I am not talking about Obamacare, although that does affect each and every one of us.  And I am not talking about security issues such as the boarder wall or enhanced check points at air ports, although these, […]

American Pride

Here we are in the month of June.  June represents a month of pride for many.  The Islamic holiday of Ramadan is this month.  This is also Gay Pride month.  Rather ironic that the two would cross paths on the calendar. But, obviously Muslims and LGBTQ people are not proud just one day or one […]

A Republic Is Not Mob Rule

There has been renewed talk, mostly from the left, about the problem with our Electoral College as it pertains to electing a President. The leftist are upset that their candidate, Hillary Clinton, won the popular vote (although that is not actually the case due to known voter fraud) yet lost to Donald Trump in the […]