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Jimmy Carter Madness

For well over forty years former president Jimmy Carter has been on a mad man mission to assist in bringing harm to the sovereign nation of Israel. His latest effort was recently on full display in an editorial for the progressive New York Times. In that column, he publicly called for president Obama to divide […]

America Be Good or Be Gone

I find it rather funny how throughout history, those who sought their God given right of liberty were often treated as though they were wicked.  Or sometimes those seeking liberty were deemed as trouble makers by others who wanted to dominate them.  The United States of America was formed to be a blessing.  She was […]

How Lies Are Destroying America

One of the major bi-products of the horrendous government school system in America is the of telling lies.  Also the habit of purposely or by accident neglecting to either reveal or give proper focus concerning current events, issues and tragedies that occur in our republic.  For example, let us take the issue of black men […]

Hey Office Holders — Do Your Job!

Okay, here we go again.  More Islamic terrorist goons have seized upon the weakness displayed even in the highest levels of the government.  Those committing Islamic terrorist attacks against Americans are simply taking advantage of what has been given to them over the past almost eight years.  It’s like a football team taking what the […]

Sticking It To America

President Obama finds yet another way to stick it to America.  It is bad enough to have to endure the daily disregard for the law on behalf of presidential candidate Mrs. Clinton.  The onslaught of attacks against GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump by Alynski inspired network talk show hosts and news anchors is nauseating.  We […]

Maybe Kaine Thinks You Are Not too Bright

Either progressive Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine is stupid or he believes the American people are.  Progressive Senator Tim Kaine D-Va. Has portrayed presidential candidate Donald Trump as a xenophobe.  According to Dictionary.com the word xenophobe is defined as a person who fears or hates foreigners, strange customs, etc.  Kaine went on to utter, “Look, […]

Hear No Evil See No Evil Report No Evil

For years the Obama administration has been conducting a non-effort war effort against the Taliban, Isis and other Muslim terrorist groups in Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, as well as here in the United States.  In fact, the president and his cronies in Congress and the U.S. State Department all have one thing in common. They […]

Progressivism Kills Prosperity: Example — Cleveland, Ohio

Why knock a city down, when it is just getting off the map?  Throughout America, the progressives are feverishly at work trying to establish more and more draconian government policies that have already been proven throughout the world to bring nothing but disaster.  Venezuela quickly comes to mind on that score. Throughout our republic turned […]

It Is Time For The Right Direction

The great Frederick Douglas was born into slavery in 1818 and later died one of the major pillars of American history in 1895.  He had a natural desire to seek the truth.  Douglas also refused to except the bonds of physical, mental, or either spiritual slavery.  Unfortunately, today far too many of our countrymen and […]

More of the Same Will Not Help You

Want extreme poverty?  Then by all means, vote for Hillary Clinton.  There is an old saying that the proud citizens of Michigan have said to me many times.  “As Detroit goes, so goes the nation.”  That proclamation is an old holdover from the days when Detroit was the undisputed motor capital of the world.  There […]

The Democrats Make Best Case Against Mrs. Clinton

The Democrats have made the best possible case against the election of Mrs. Clinton to the office of President of the United States. It was horrendous to sit and watch the parade of one Democrat after another during that party’s convention in Philadelphia. One progressive Democrat after another expressed near hatred and spewed lies about Donald Trump. In […]

It Comes Down to A Clear Choice

As “We The People” witness the ongoing presidential political race, it is very easy to see a clear and present difference between the two camps.  However, it comes down to what voters genially desire.  Not since the Gipper, Ronald Reagan took on and first defeated Jimmy Carter and for his second term Overwhelmed Walter Mondale […]