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The Curse Of American Elitism

It is not about what was done, if you are one of the chosen elites.  It used to be that the United States was a nation of laws.  At one time there was at least a strong perception that negligence was not an excuse for someone to completely avoid the long arm of the law.  […]

It Ain’t Over Yet America

Despite our republic’s current struggles with the after effects of over seven years of Obama, I am still of the opinion that America will arise from her current state of economic, moral, political, military, and educational doldrums.  Yes, on the surface and maybe a bit below the surface, it does seem as if America’s best […]

Will America Face Reality?

Aristotle’s law of identity plainly states that A is A, a thing is what it is.  In 1979 the Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei of Iran declared Islamic war against the West, primarily the United States and Israel. Since then Muslims of all stripes have been acting out on that declaration of war.  Unfortunately, America and […]

America: The Sleeping Giant of Greatness

Many Americans annually honor our fallen military heroes on Memorial Day.  There are moments of thankful prayer, the visitation of historic sites, flying Old Glory, ect.  There are also the usual sad sack sorry losers who attempt to mar the holiday with progressive inspired acts of pure bad taste and evil.  One such case was […]

Arms for Adversarial Nations but Not Us

President Obama Barack Hussein Obama has wiped out a multi decade ban on selling arms to Vietnam.  Part of his reasoning for lifting the ban has been his effort to place Vietnam at the center of his crappy foreign policy legacy.  Mr. Obama announced that he has vowed to leave behind the troubled history between […]

Faith For Good or Evil

For decades, the Little Sisters Of The Poor have been doing the honorable work of taking care of the elderly poor in America. Recently the Obama administration once again exhibited the willingness to persecute groups in the name of contraceptives. This time it was the Little Sisters of the Poor in the bigoted crosshairs of […]

When Christianity is Removed All Hell Breaks Out

Just recently, when perusing news stories, I happened upon a most heartbreaking story headline.  It proclaimed “London’s iconic red buses to declare glory to Allah.”  After getting over the initial shock I was a bit embarrassed.  Considering the massive evil in-roads the devoted Muslims have made making deep intrusions into British society for decades, I […]

Offending Certain People is OK

When it comes to offending, only certain people matter. The list of offended people is seemingly approaching a mile in length. Whether it is feminists, black lives matter grumps, homosexuals, trans-genderites, animal lovers, lesbians, socialists, bisexuals, communists, Muslims, atheists, pro-abortion advocates, pro agenda 21 zealots, open border and illegal immigrant supporters, etc., etc. of course […]

Why Do Some People Call Simple Truth Divisive?

I am always happy when I see younger Americans getting involved with important issues affecting our dear republic.  After all, they represent the future of the United States.  Will they challenge the status quo and seek to build a stronger United States of America with an emphasis on strengthening America for Americans?  Or will they […]

The Phobia That Could Kill America

In today’s politically correct and multi generation indoctrinated America, the word phobia is often used to quiet patriots and Christians rather than make an honest point.  At one time in our nation, it an individual observed horrendous actions by someone, they could state the facts about what they saw, show a picture and the truth […]